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Cat Owners Comment About How to Know if it is the Right Time to Euthanize

By: Petplace Staff

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4. I just had to Go Through This

The article was a subject that hit me emotionally because I recently had to go through this very critical decision. My 11 yr old cat ,Cody, was my lil angel and best kitty friend. Just incredibly loveable, beautiful and so smart. For the past 2 years the doctor had thought my cat had allergies due to symptoms of coughing, scratching and dry skin. Well, on April 8th, we went in for his regular appt which appeared to go from monthly to weekly. The appts consisted of a check up, discussion of new or continuous symptoms and then a new try at a medication. My poor kitty had injested so many medications in the past 2 years of his life. At this appt--I knew as his owner and kitty mommy, that this dr visit was different by the pain and look in his eyes. My poor kitty looked defeated and just tired of all of these so called "allergies." The doctor decided to do an xray of his lungs to see why his cough had appeared to change. And the result was that my kitty had several tumors on his lungs as well as a build up of liquid. The choice was given to us to have some of the liquid taken out for a possible attempt at helping Cody have some comfort OR the dreaded euthanizing question. My husband and I were left alone to discuss the choices--with tears flowing. I just kept thinking of all my cat had been through, the increase in pain over the past week, the look in his eyes and of do i say goodbye? This was my little boy--a kitty yes...but nevertheless my little boy. In conclusion, we decided to "put the kitty to sleep" end his battle with this mysterious disease that decided to show itself after two years. I had 11 awesome years with my baby kitty. And although I have a difficult time still today with the last memory of my poor baby ducking his head to go into his carrier for the last time...i know we made the right decision because it was only out of love for him. Cody will not be forgotten..and will always be loved...and there will never be another kitty like him. And to any animal owners that face this decision...all I can say is consider the well being of your animal (baby), make the decision carefully and with love..and try very hard to have someone there to support you.

An animal lover for life,


5. This Website Gave Me Comfort

I have read your article on euthanasia in cats, and this brought back not so good memories still fresh and hurting. I have been faced with this situation in March of this year, and "Good Friday" was to me the worst Friday ever. That was the day I had to send my sweet baby Isis over to the Rainbow Bridge, because she was so ill, and it was the toughest decision I ever had to make in my life. She passed away after spending 14 long and love-filled years with me, half of my life. We never realize just how horribly painful it can be until we are faced with the death of our little furbabies. I never thought I would be so devastated, and I thought I should share with you a website that helped me a lot through the grief. The address is and this place is full of nice articles, poetry, a forum and also a live chat to have support when you most need it. Petloss really helped me when my world fell apart, and will help countless others, I hope, for many, many more years.


6. It's Never Easy

Being a cat lover and having had many cats of my own plus the many strays I have helped thru out the years I have been faced with the difficult decision of euthanasia many times. It's never easy but sometimes it's the only option. And I believe the kindest. When there is no quality of life and your furbaby is suffering and no longer enjoying life it's time to say goodbye and end the pain. I really believe if they could talk they would thank us. So even though my heart breaks when they have to leave I know I've done my very best for them and send them to the bridge with love, knowing I will see them again some day. I do have one question for you Dr. Debra. It's always bothered me that
they are so frightened when they are taken to the vet to be put to sleep. Also, they are given an injection that paralizes them, which I think would be very frightening for them. Would it be better to give them a sedative at home and then take them to the vet? Is that an option? I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you so much for all your very helpful articles. I look forward to them every day.


7. I swear if I could hear her voice, she said, "I'm ready. It's time.

I wanted to share my experience that I went through with my cat, Lucy, back in January. She was diagnosed with a lung tumor and after a few weeks stopped eating. She would drink water when I poured it for her, but that was it. I tried everything, but she became very weak and lethargic. Of course I cried a lot, wanting to help her and telling her how much I loved her, etc.

One night she got down from her chair and went potty on the floor. The urine was red, and I knew she was in kidney failure. I cleaned it up and went to her chair where she had gone to lay back down. I was petting her and crying, and I just looked at her and sobbed, "I don't know what to do. What should I do?" She looked directly into my eyes and I swear if I could hear her voice, she said, "I'm ready. It's time." I even said out loud to her, "OK, I'll call in the morning." It was that clear. It was still the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life and I miss her so much, but sometimes I think if we just "listen" to them with the way they look at us, it might tell us a lot. People who are not animal lovers might poo-poo this, but those who can have "conversations" with their animals know what I'm talking about. It was a moment I'll never forget - the way she looked at me could not have been more clear. I loved her even more for doing that because she knew I loved her and wanted to do the right thing. Oh I still questioned it long after, but deep down I knew because she let me know.

So I guess what I'm saying is, rather than being so caught up in OUR grief, just listen to your pets by looking into their eyes. You might get the same message I did. In the saddest way possible, it was a beautiful thing.

Thank you for letting me share my story about Lucy.

Sheri D. Joyce
St. Louis, MO

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Cat Owners Comment About How to Know if it is the Right Time to Euthanize

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