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Cats and Full Moons – What Pet Owners Have Witnessed

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We asked this question – to our cat lovers.

Has your cat ever done anything strange during a full moon?

The results were as follows:

I'm not sure28.13%

We also got some interesting comments including:

  • Nancy wrote, "My Maine Coon male kitten and my tortie/calico female cat sit and stare at nothing visible, tilting their ears and occasionally responding as if they are being talked to or petted. I feel my house gets very "spiritually active" during full moons, since one of the dogs I used to have would actually sit and watch "someone" change positions on a particular couch and would also tilt her head and dip it as if being petted. Nobody, including myself, seems to feel threatened, so apparently these "spirits" are animal lovers!"
  • Joyce A. wrote, "All my fur/feather kids (and my human one) get extra jitery during full moons. My one cat is nicknamed Pocket Rocket during that time as he just runs around as though he is being chased. Another one of my kitties will sit and stare for hours at something nobody else can see."        
  • Marie A. wrote, "I have a beautiful 7 yrs old calico who absolutely goes crazy. She meows all night and gets aggresive with the other cats. It starts about 2 days before the moon fulls and lasts about 2 days after."
  • Sharon L. wrote, "Every full moon, my Maine Coon gets the night spooks. He'll run around the apartment as if a ghost is chasing after him, occasionally meowing as though frightened. He runs out of steam after about an hour or so, then he'll cuddle close on the bed with me. And now that I have another cat (a female tabby), she'll follow him in the night spooks! Can cats see ghosts? I'd love to know for sure!"

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    Cats and Full Moons – What Pet Owners Have Witnessed

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