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Clara - The Talk of the Town

By: Petplace Staff

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Ahhh! Fall is in the air. And, with the onset of the fall season, I just couldn't wait to share this cool and refreshing story about an adorable feline named after a TV witch, who levitated (sorry, I couldn't help myself,) the spirits of one woman. This lovely woman has a heart of gold, as warm and as inviting as an autumn sun. Susan, from Maryland shares with us how one small kitty opened her heart to accept love and then returned the love to this bewitching cat.

Susan's heartwarming story begins around 3 yrs ago, while her older cat, Mario, was winding down his life of nearly 19 yrs; Susan noticed a similar looking cat outside and left a dish of food for him/her. Like clock work, every night for 3 weeks, the cat showed up at the same time and waited for what Susan knew was the cats only meal of the day.

One crisp night, just around Halloween, Susan allowed the cat to spend the night in the guestroom. Much to Mario's consternation, the stray cat was in dire need of some restful sleep. From that moment on the cat was invited to spend nights, but come mornings the cat wanted nothing more than to scoot out at the light of day. Until one morning when it was so cold, raw, and rainy, that the kitty scooted outside but hesitated before running. When given the opportunity to return to the guest room, she readily accepted and has been with Susan ever since. And, then the fun begins....

To read this truly heartwarming story about a cat named Clara, please click here!

Sometimes you have to take that leap-of-faith and follow your heart to find true unconditional love...the type that adopting a kitty can bring.

Cat lovers, it is a time to rejoice. I am quite sure you have a story tell, so please feel free to Write us and let us know!

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

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Clara - The Talk of the Town

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