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Corneal Sequestrum

By: Dr. Alexandra Van der Woerdt

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  • If your veterinarian has placed an Elizabethan collar on your cat, please keep it on at all times. A few unobserved seconds without eye protection are enough for your cat to irritate, scratch or rub the eye.

  • You can clean the eye gently using a warm compress such a cotton ball with warm water to remove any discharge if necessary. You should do this prior to application of medications.

  • Return your cat to your veterinarian for a re-evaluation if the discharge changes character or if the eye appears to be more uncomfortable over time.

  • If an underlying cause for the sequestrum was detected, this should be treated to prevent a recurrence of the sequestrum.

  • Use of an artificial tear ointment twice a day in affected cats, or in cats predisposed to corneal sequestration, may reduce the chance of recurrence.

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    Corneal Sequestrum

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