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Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We have an article on Petplace that lists cute stray cat name suggestions.

We asked for users to give us additional name suggestions and we received some wonderful stories that we'd like to share with you. Here are a few of our favorites

  • Pest

    My cat's name is Pest. When I moved to the neighborhood I saw this wonderful, beautiful Maine Coon Cat type sleeping in the sun in my backyard every day. He always seemed healthy so I assumed he belonged to someone. At the time I had a very elderly dog that needed to go out several times a night. As the weather became colder in October, this wonderful cat would charge into the house when I would open the door to let my dog out at night. This cat would hide under the furniture until I went to bed. Out of my mouth would come the phrase 'You are being such a pest. In the morning I'd find him sleeping with my dog. How could I turn away such a loving cat. My dog is gone now and Pest sleeps on my pillow.

  • Maybe

    I have a stray named "Maybe", she was very ill when found and I didn't need another cat., so I did not give her a name. I kept saying she probably isn't going to make it and if she does she is not staying. Pretty soon it was, "well maybe she is going to make it", then "well maybe if she does make it" "maybe if she gets along with the other cats" . It has been over a year and Maybe is the baby of
    the house!

    Donna White

  • Berm, Gimpy and Fleabag

    I have a couple cat names for your list of cool cat names for strays:
    - "Berm" was found on the side of the road
    - "Gimpy" was a 3 legged stray cat that showed up in my yard and decide to stay with me.
    "Fleabag" was a flea ridden pregnant cat that took up residence in my pole barn. She has since been to the vet several times and is on the mend.

  • Palomine
    We named our first stray Buddy, that is on your list, our second tuxedo stray we named Palomine, for Pal of Mine as Buddy was already taken! Buddy I started calling 'hey Bud' then Buddy stuck, and since we already had a Buddy when Palomine showed up I called him my Pal... :o) - Kelly Dahmer

  • Mimi, Killer, Elwood and Seymour

    All of our cats found us and were named accordingly -

    - Mimi, short for Screaming Mimi was bellowing at the back door
    - Killer, the tiniest, frailest orange baby you've ever seen, was given a
    name to live up to
    - Elwood was singing the blues when he was found, wailing and alone and
    - Seymour, an orange Manx, was tail-less so we could "see more"


  • Eponine

    We named our kitty "Eponine", after a character, a homeless girl, in "Les Miserables".


  • Jackpot

    I "adopted" (or should I say was adopted by) a stray, black, older tom about 8 months ago. He lives outside (wouldn't get along with our two inside tom cats), but I give him food, play, and love daily, and usually find him waiting on our front steps each morning. He went through several names, i.e., Blackie, Lucky, and CPT Midnight, but ended up being "Jackpot," a name given him by our neighbor, who observed "That cat sure hit the JACKPOT when he came to your house!!"

  • Hazard

    One of my allt ime favorite stray cat names was the name of my sister-in-law's beloved kitty, Hazard. Hazard was an orphaned kitten from Erika found wandering in a toxic waste dump in California. She brought him home and he grew into a fine feline friend and brave hunter known for his frequent gifts of bits of mouse, vole, mole, bird, etc. Hazard passed away last year at 19.5 years of age, and was my personal inspiration for adopting our current feline friend (who came from our local SPCA with the fine name of Wittington).
    Clare S - New York

  • Named for the Restaruant Parking Lot

    I love the names for stray cats. We had one, a beautiful little calico, named Quincy because we found her in the parking lot at Quincy's restaurant. I still have Spooky.......he was left behind when his owner moved, it was Halloween and he was very spookie, still is in fact. Then there was Omega....we named him that because we were determined that he was going to be "the last cat" we took in. Yeah, right. Loki got his name after being fished out of a dumpster while playing chicken with the garbage truck. (Loki is the Trickster in both Norse and Indian lore).
    Jan Puckett

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    Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

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