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Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

By: PetPlace Staff

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  • Double Joy

    Your article about cat names was amusing. I adopted 2 cats that my friend found in the snow. Ironicaly they are white. My friend named them "Shuan-shua n" & "She-R" My friend is of Chinese descent and the names put together mean double joy. I joke that their names should be reversed as She-R is twice the weught of Shuan-shuan!

  • Je t'amine

    A suggested cat name: Je t'aime. This is actually French for "I love you". We fell in love with our stray cat, and he fell in love with us. The name is so befitting.

  • NONA

    I have a cat that I rescued from living in a bathroom. Her previous
    owners called her ashley (it just did not fit), so after weeks of
    thinking..calling her that cat or cat and trying sooo many names I said
    to my boyfriend there is just no name that fits her .........then it
    struck me - NONA -NO NAme.

  • Lots of Ideas

    I have had several cats: MeatLoaf and Sting were brothers. Then I had MoJo and JuJu...then Treasure and Trinkette whom were sisters...Teensy and Tiny whom were twin I have Karma, Fate, Chance, Destiny andMagick...all black feral kittens with both golden eyes and green eyes that I've taken in because I couldn't decide on which pair to take! My brothers have a pure black cat and a pure white one...Ying and Yang! My sister has a sibling set that are identical... Abra and Cadabra and my cousin names hers after herbs and flowers: Olivia (olive) Anissa (anise) BellaDonna, Rose and Daisy for the girls, and Mandrake, Tonka, and Valarian (Vale for short) for the boys! We are all cat lovers, can't you tell? LoL

  • Sunny

    We have a yellow cat that adopted us 17 years ago. At first he was just a stray we fed but became ours after we spent over $300. at the vet for a urinary tract infection. We named him after the sun because of his yellow color but spelled it "Sonny" because he was a male. Sonny has been the best cat. He acts somewhat like a dog. Sonny has never rubbed up against our leg like most cats, he gets close but doesn't touch. (Which is great if you have on black pants) He comes when you whistle. He asks to go outside when he need to go to the bathroom (only using the litter box if it is an emergency, such as being left inside the house alone for a great length of time). Sonny is getting very old and we will miss him when he is no longer with us.

  • Spooky

    My all black cat is named Spooky for a couple of reasons. First, he showed up on my patio, right at our open screen door, while we were watching an episode of the "X-Files." The male lead's nickname was "Spooky Mulder." Plus, we had the lights out and all you could see of the cat was his glowing green eyes, and I screamed a little when I saw him. I thought our own cat, who is black and white, had gotten out, but I admit I was quite startled by those eyes! And since he's all black, like a Halloween cat, we thought the name fit.

    He seemed to come to the name right away. He was so severely malnourished, his gorgeous hair was blowing away in the breeze, which of course broke my heart. We fed him but let him stay outside through that summer, but as fall, and Halloween approached, we decided to take him in. I don't know if it's truth or urban legend, but I didn't want to take any chances at him being abused during Halloween season because he was an all-black cat.

    He needed some love and care, and shots and neutering of course, but he's been with us nearly 10 years now! We figure he was turned out of his last home, probably because an elderly owner had died and the family didn't want him. Their loss, because he's a big furry ball of love. We guess he's at least part Persian, because of his many-layered, longish coat and large body size (about 18 pounds and not fat at all).

    I'm really glad he showed up at our door and I am happy to share his story whenever I can!

    Janet Vandenabeele

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    Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

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