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Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

By: PetPlace Staff

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  • Sunshine

    I have a tortoise shell calico cat. She is totally orange and black with white at the tips of her legs or feet and her face is white from the noise to her chest. I named her Sunshine...(first impulse was Moonshine because I found her abandoned and near death in the Street at night before Halloween.) I was a name that started wit S and Sunshine goes with her positive energy.

  • MoonCat

    I wanted to share tale of my oldest cat. I volunteer with a no-kill animal rescue organization. A mother cat had given birth in a planting 'space' in the rockery of my carport, and left them in the full sun, 90 degrees out. One kitten was screaming for it's mom. They were in danger of falling between the pallets of my woodpile, one had already fallen into the grasscatcher of the lawnmower - so I moved them. Cleaned them up, gave 'em some kitten formula and put them back in a clean nest with a hot water bottle near the spot.

    Next morning at 3:15 am, I checked on them - one was gone, the other was out of the nest. I took it to a volunteer on my way to work. He didn't make it.

    3 1/2 weeks later - I return home, again to kitten screams. I cussed under my breath and if I found the kitten, I wasn't returning it - as the kitten wasn't safe. 3 hours I cut through blackberry vines to reach it. it was moving about - mewing, I talked to him the whole time - and then I couldn't find him. I backed out and waited - flashlight in hand. Felt something cold on my foot and thought 'great - I stepped on a slug/snail.' Looked down and a tiny white face looked up at me from my foot. I said 'thank God' and he climbed my jeans. I scooped him up - put him in a crate, removed dead leaves from my hair and clothing and dashed to get more baby cat supplies. It was a full moon, lunar eclipse that night, and he was white kitten, one blue eye, one yellow eye.

    I named him 'Moon Unit'. His nickname is 'MoonKat'. Under the circumstances, it felt appropriate.

    Purrs and headbonks

    Karen Hoover

  • Fight Club

    We took in a cat that had been in a fight and had a really bad wound on
    his front we named him FightClub.

  • Silly, goofy, Hoho and Mama

    my ex feral stray kittens are :

    Silly---for his silly antics
    Goofy--- for the goofy things he gets into
    HOho.....mostly black with a white ring around the neck
    Mama cat.... the mama of the other three

  • Abby

    Abby, which was short for Abandoned Kitty.

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    Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

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