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Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

By: PetPlace Staff

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  • Ivy, Solo and Margarita

    Ivy (she "grew on me")
    Solo (she is very much a loner amongst the rest of the cats)
    Margarita ( just like tequila bottles have a worm in the bottle she had a worm in her neck when she showed up

  • Hoover

    Stray cat who came to live with us is now called Hoover, because anything I threw out for the birds, she would be there to hoover it Jeanette

  • Rabies

    Thank you for the article on stray cat names! I have one to add, although.
    I'm not sure how popular it will be. We had a big, lovely, sweet kitty
    who found us one cold winter. My mom fed him in the garage, but it got
    so cold he decided he was moving in the house. One day when she opened
    the door, he ran inside and wouldn't leave. My mom said, "Well, I guess he can stay as long as he doesn't have rabies..." And the name stuck.
    We loved Rabies very much!

  • Houdini

    My cat's name is Houdini. He would disappear but always wanted to be

  • Ms Diva Fuzzbutt

    You're looking for some cat names? in the country, we're
    always getting "strays" that people dump out little kitty
    must have been thrown from a car. He was about 5 weeks old with a broken teeth sticking out the side of his cheek & a broken back leg....I nursed him back to health & named him "Chester" (as in that old cowboy series). Our " Ms Diva Fuzzbutt " was found as a stray kitten wandering the parking lot of a gay nightclub 8-)

  • Frankie

    I took in a cat that had been "dumped" in my backyard - it took awhile to catch him. He's a longhaired, mostly white cat, with a grey cap and the tip of his tail is white. But his most appealing feature is his gorgeous azure blue eyes. So - of course, he had to be Frankie-Blueeyes, after "Old Blueeyes" who was a favorite of mine!

  • Riley and Cadillac

    - Riley, as in he is now living the Life of Riley
    - Cadillac Cat, for a kitten that was found under the hood of a Cadillac car.


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    Cute Stories About How Stray Cats Were Named

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