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Pet Lovers Speak out – Do Real Men Own Cats & Are They More Compassionate?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We at wrote an article about – do real men own cats. We polled our pet lovers asking their thoughts. The results were as follows- 95% said – yes, absolutely – real men can own cats, 4% said they thought so and 1% said no. (take our poll if you like – go to Do real men own cats

We went one step further and asked cat owners – do you think men that own or like cats are more compassionate and more able to understand women? These results were as follows – 87% said yes, that men that owned cats were more compassionate. 7% said they weren't sure and 6% said no.

Take our poll and give us your thoughts – go to Do you think men that own cats are more compassionate and likely to understand women?

Here were some comments that we received from these polls:

  • Men do not own cats to understand women, they own cats because they like them. It's that simple. – Jamie

  • I have two "dumpster babies" who were rescued by a construction worker; my husband feeds feral and stray cats (also does TNR); I know men who look like "the Terminator" who talk baby talk to their cats. The REAL issue is not whether real men love cats, but rather whether real men ADMIT they love cats. – Chris

  • I don't think any man likes cats. All the men I know don't like them. They hurt them. My husband is jealous of my cat's affections for me. But when he was younger he used to have cats. But now he doesn't like them. And I know of other men that don't like cats. – Lynn

  • Loving something is a teachable attribute. If you say you hate something enough and tell yourself why a million times you will learn to hate it. The opposite is also true. You can overcome the negative feelings you've been conned into believing are there, by simply looking at something with a different attitude and allowing it to grow on you. In time it really does, so the most macho of men who believe it to be a feminine trait to love a cat can be transformed into a very loving cat owner. – Jo

  • I have ridden motorcycles for 40 years, and do all kinds of things consider "manly". Most I know consider me a "real" man. That being said, I have loved cats since I was 3 years old. However, I have doubts that any real man can have a toy poodle. – Ray

  • ONLY real men like cats. There's a world of difference between "dog people" and "cat people". I'm with the vet tech. A man who likes cats appreciates their independence and complex personalities; he'd be inclined to appreciate the same things in a woman. A man who only likes dogs usually wants to lead the pack, including "his woman". – Sharon

  • My husband is definitely a "manly man", hunts, fishes, motorcycles, etc. but loves all animals (well, not small dogs but maybe one of these days) and absolutely LOVES our kitty TUFF. Yeah, he likes to pretend he doesn't sometimes and calls him a varmint but won't go to sleep until his cat is safely in bed next to us. Doesn't hurt that Tuff is an exceptionally cool cat; a mommas boy but also a man's cat. I think men that don't like cats must have something wrong with them! – Kim

  • Actually, I think if a man likes cats, he has something special going on. Consequently, if a man likes cats, he really IS a real man!! Cats are amazing, quietly brilliant, and independent, free spirits. Those are quite often the same qualities seen in creative women. So, if a man likes those qualities in either a cat AND/OR a woman, I think that definitely makes the man a REAL man....and very smart, a man who "gets it." – Gloria

  • Insecure men who hurt cats are not real men. Real men value the lives of the creatures around them. Real men nurture and protect dogs, cats, etc. – Robert

    Do you have a comment? Take our polls – and click on comments.

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    Pet Lovers Speak out – Do Real Men Own Cats & Are They More Compassionate?

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