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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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73.        i think men who do not feel threathen by cats are very sastified with their selfs and don't need a pet to make them feel good about themselfs as a cat will come to you for pettings only when it wants not just when you do
74.        i refer to my cats as my KIDS. love them dearly.
75.        I'm not sure what the question means - But I usually find men that like cats are cool. In general I think that People who don't like cats (or owls) are afraid of what is in their soul, because they look like they can look right through you and see what you are made of. I have a few male friends who now own cats, and my husband noted that after to ease of owning a cat he would own one over a dog any day. With the addition of exotic cat breeds (we own bengals - as do some of my male friends) Cats can look more "cool" and less "fluffy" which has helped add to their appeal to men.
76.        I agree with your email.
77.        To love cats, you have to be able to slow down and appreciate their subtle personalities. With some, you have to take the time to snuggle. With others, you need to realize that they're not your toys or your fan club -- they are their own animals and may need space or understanding. If a man can appreciate a cat, it shows true patience, power of observation, and empathy. That's what I call a "real" man.
78.        I think some men think it's not masculine to have a cat (unless they can refer to it as their wife's cat). I also think some men are intimidated by how independent cats can be.
79.        I would never trust a man who dislikes cats.
80.        I am one
81.        I think men who love cats are also more likely to want a woman to be a real partner in a relationship, not someone who will follow his orders. I think they are more likely to appreciate independance.
82.        yes I agree with the tecnision. I have dated a few men and if they dont like the cats or the cats dont take to them it is s no goer. I am dating a man now who is really considerate and kind and he likes my cats they even come on the bed when he stays over which is wonderfull as they always sleep with me. I once dated a guy who didnt like the cats by his own admission and they would not come anywhere near me when he was around. He turned out to be a bully and selfish man
83.        I am a man and I have 2 - DSH Tuxedo and Himalayan. Dogs are for outdoor stuff, cats rule the house.
84.        I love a guy who loves cats. He's compassonate, caring and not afraid to show affection for a small creature.
85.        What are REAL men ?? REAL men versus what ??
86.        I think it is so cool when a guy says he likes cats. He shows a deeper understanding of what it means to be in touch with your emotions and I find they tend to have more patience.
87.        My husband and his father both love cats. My husband would never own a dog. He knows that cats are clean, smart, loveable, and independant. We have 4 cats.
88.        i think men who like cats are more understanding and kind
89.        men who don't love cats don't deserve a woman who loves men!!!!! hahahahaaaaaaaa
90.        I agree that men that love cats are more compassionate..
91.        a man that loves cats is usually thoughtful
92.        cats rule
93.        (First of all, I'm not sure what No.1 Question is asking???) A lot of men have been "taught" NOT to like cats from a very early age. I think most men like cats much more than they are willing to admit. A REAL man will openly show their affection for cats, and not care what some other men might think!
94.        When I finally got grown up, at about 59, I realized I could only be really happy with a man who loved cats, and was I ever right.
95.        i am a cat person all the way, i even have tattoos of cats so the guy of my dreams better love cats or he's not getting my heart.
96.        My ex husband hated cats and my second husband loves cats & is the greatest man alive I think men who like cats are more caring and understanding.
97.        Cats are smart, they're hunters, they're affectionate, and they are loyal (believe it or not). They know a great deal about you, they even know when you are going to die....... They also give you unconditional love........and sometimes we need that.
98.        Many change their idea about them when they have them.......
99.        When I married my husband I had three cats. He wasn't really thrilled about it, but he had a mouse problem in his house that the cats took care of. Since then I have said good bye to two of my babies but now have six cats, most recently adopting a brother and sister after rescuing their momma, sister and them from sure death. He won't admit it, but he loves the kitties and refers to himself as "Daddy" when he talks to them. He's definitely a cat man.
100.        Men who are good to cats are also good with People.
102.        Men that like cats are definitely more compassionate are caring.
103.        If a man can win a cat's respect, the man will win my respect. Man dominates over dog, cats dominates over man.
104.        I also would never be involved with any man who did not like cats. They are our companions who give us tender affection are independent and you don't need to walk them in the middle of a snow storm at 5:30am. They are pure delights in my eyes. I love my cats and pamper them appropriately
105.        Show tenderness
106.        I am drawn towards men who like cats. The ones who prefer dogs, are evil to cats, mean to them.
107.        Why not, I know a lot of men who absolutely adore their cats..
108.        Real men don't own cats... they're owned *by* cats, just like the six that currently own me.
109.        Men who are in touch with their humanity are able to show ANYONE love and affection!
110.        I will NOT date or marry any man who will NOT willingly and lovingly embrace my feline children. I WILL choose my cats over a man. If a man LOVES my cats and they approve, well look out cause I'm gonna be his best fantasy wife! :-)

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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