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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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111.        My cats are my babies. Except I don't have 3 o'clock feedings
112.        Real men love cats.
113.        the few guys i dated who had cats were more sensitive, quiet shy caring, giving,
114.        my husband never liked cats know that he is older we findout how easy is to taker of a cat than a dog. He loves our cat bubba.
115.        It's the pseudo-macho man who doesn't like cats. They can't deal with the independent nature of cats and therefore prefer dogs.
116.        I think men who like cats are a bonus. Men who like animals in general tend by caring, compassionate and kind for the most part.
117.        I certainly hope real men like cats, I have had them all my life. Right now, Ozzie my pecan orchard guardian keeps squirrels away from the trees, when he is not doing that, he sits in my workshop with me and doesn't mind the woodworking tools and noises. We communicate and understand each other quite well.
118.        I do not accept the dog-people/cat-people distinction. That being said, it is also true that there are people who are almost pathologically terrified of and in hatred of, cats: condition called "aileurophobia" [my spelling may be off]. I think these folk are more likely to be men. I don't know why this is so; it is simply something I have observed. Men who like cats are less likely to want deference from their women than men who dislike cats. They are less likely to need continuous reassurance, generally speaking. And they are likely to know how to handle fragile things without hurting them. They are also likely to think of their women as cats, but to mean that as a complement. My own man is one of these. He is convinced that I know how to purr. And he never pushes my real pussy-cat off the bed. Best wishes, Mrp.
119.        I had cats as a kid, played with them but my dog was my best friend. My wife loved cats all her life, so we had cats and a dog. I put up with them as did the dog, then a stray we named Buster came to live with us. Buster was more like a dog than a cat, if I went on the roof he was there, he slept with us, usually on my arm. He visited most of the neighbors routinely, had breakfast almost every morning with one of the neighbors, everyone loved him. We had him for about five years before he was killed, I cried as I prepared him for burial...a week before that,Lucky, the cat we found along the road as a kitten died after being sick for a year or so. Tough time. We still had Ollie, Ollie lived to be just shy of twenty years old, we got a cat named Gabe to keep Ollie company during his last couple of years. Gabe was a feral cat our vet trapped, meaner than a snake, after neutering he is gentle as can be. We got him after the vet kept him for almost a year. He is a loner and is spoiled but we love him dearly. I am seventy years old and a U.S. Marine circa 1958...I consider myself a real man and I am proud to say I love my cats. They return the love they receive....
120.        Well, even though I checked Yes, I dont refer to my cat as Yes. HIs name is Cartman..and then there is Cleopatra, and Beau, and Navarre, and SHelby, Belle, Simon and Eight. Yes, I have 8 cats..and a dog..and some fish.....and a snake....
121.        Men who enjoy cats are more thoughtful and loving...I like that!
122.        I found men who love cats are very loving patient men.
123.        I never liked Cats most of my life. The cat from across the street started to hang out once in awhile and I started taking a likeing to him until he got in a scrape with probably a racoon and didn't make it. Since then I have aquired 2 of my own and they are my babies.I never knew what I was missing and couldn't live without them. They only go outside with me and my wife on a leash everyday and don't mind it. They are well takin care of and are just like children.
124.        i am 43 and male.own 2 serengeti females and they are my "baby girls."i think it is more a control issue more than anything with pets.a more controlling personality is a "dog person" and one less so is a "cat person".my two girls follow me room to room(but not underfoot),greet me after work,wake me up everyday(no alarm anymore),play fetch and come running at a whistle from me or my wife.
125.        Cats are great companions
126.        Men and cats...same as men with ANY type of pet-dog,cat-to have,and show love and care for a pet--to me ,THAT is one of my definations of "being a real man". In my opinion(and proven in my 44 young years)-a man who has no respect,love,caring,consideration for,bond with,ANY pet ,or animal-is not a "man" at all.....Daisy E.
127.        This above question and the choices for answers don't make any sense!
128.        My Husband Loves My 5 Cats. He is allergic to my 4 Persians. His favorite is My Red and White Red Tabby Persian Caesar. He comes home at night from work, grabs Caesar and proudly walks around the house with him every night.Then he pets and talks to him. I am still amazed that he takes all 5 of my kitties so well. Our 5th one is a Cornish Rex, Cleopatra who lords over all including Him!
129.        I absolooooootly agree with her!
130.        My boyfriend is a prior service ReCon Marine and his favorite cat of all time was a 4 lb. fluffy Tortie Point Himalayan. I fell in love with him because he is manly enough to proudly carry around a tiny furball and admit that she had him wrapped around her fluffy little paw. OOORRRAAAHHHH and MMMMEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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