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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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131.        some like cats
132.        My ex-boyfriend helped me find my fantastic cat at a shelter where he had gotten his cat. The relationship didn't work out, but I did get a great kitty! Even though he turned out to be a loser, he did own a cat and was a real man. Also had another boyfriend who loved his cat probably more than he loved me, and he was a macho contruction type guy.
133.        Was a definite "turn-on" when I met my now husband and he said he liked cats. Would not have married a man that didn't
134.        I do not think the majority of men take care of cats as well as women, but the ones that do are great feline owners.
135.        I don't trust anyone of any gender unless they like cats. My husband loves our 5 cats and is a kind, sweet and compassionate masculine man. I know many men who love cats and they're the best.
136.        I have loved cats all my life. When I was dating, any man showing hostility to my cats or who told me he "hated cats" or "didn't like animals" was shown to the door. Please pass this on (for men and women): any one who resents your animal companions (or children) because they don't want to share your affections should be DROPPED LIKE A HOT ROCK. Too often I hear or read stories about an anguished woman whose boyfriend has maimed or killed her cat or dog or the animal has suspiciously disappeared. Almost always, she admits the guy had a problem with jealousy that she overlooked because she "loved" him. I know this is more than you asked for but please consider sharing it with your readers. Anyone who expects you to give up a cherished animal companion because of their own self-centeredness has a serious character flaw which should give you good warning as to who will always come first in a permanent relationship. I have personally known women and men who have saddled themselves with mates like this - and women of this nature are just as cruel and mean-spirited as the men. Anyway, thanks for lettig me vent. I really enjoy your website.
137.        The vet technician is right! I find out what a prospective date feels about cats early on and it does make a difference in the type of person he is. Cat lovers are intelligent, patient, observant, kind...rather like cats themselves.
138.        I totally agree that real men love cats!
139.        It took about 10 years for my husband to come to understand cats. Now he takes ours for walks and even on vacation in our motor home. Bodhi, our cat is a very important member of our family.
140.        My husband said I wasn't allowed to get a cat...I brought one home that I saw being born. I waited till it was 5 weeks old and my husband fell in love with her. That was 16 years ago....We now have 3.
141.        When we were first dating my husband, an avid hunter, referred to cats as "targets". I was horrified that he could make such a cruel statement about the animals I love so much. Came to find out he had never really known a cat. After he became acquainted with my twelve and fourteen year old feline family members he felt ashamed that he had made such a statement. He buys cat toys as Christmas presents for the cats along with the other animals that share our home.
142.        If a man doesn't like my cats then I am not interested in him. I am with a man now who is totally in love with my cats and is amazing with them and that tells a lot about his personality.
143.        That question does not make sense. How do you refer to your cat? What is that supposed to mean? It does not matter whether it is a man or a woman--epople who only like dogs and NOT cats are people who require dominance over other living things. These individuals cannot handle ambiguity, and they often less trusting and more suspicious than epople who love cats.
144.        I had two doga...married a man with a cat. He (the man) is the most thoughtful and caring man on the planet. Not to mention, he doesn't smoke, chew, or spit; has all his own teeth, and has a job. I can guarantee that of all male cat owners - dog owners, no guarantee!
145.        Men that have or like cats are more sensitive and understanding
146.        I'm not sure I understand question 1, but I think it means that you openly state you have cats. Re men and cats -- some men were raised in dog families which explains their problem. But some men just don't like cats period and I don't like such men. Men who like cats are more intellectual and compassionate towards people and animals. I refer you to the book "The Cat Inside" by William Boroughs.
147.        Men who don't like cats are probably controlling jerks. I'm a man and have 47 cats that I rescued and I feel that most men that profess to hate cats are trying to play like they are some kind of tough guy that thinks they are too cool to love a cat.
148.        My husband now owns a coffee mug that says real men like cats :)
149.        Question 1 made no sense....Yes real men can own and love cats!!! My husband loves our Bengal mix Dulcie Bell and calls himself Daddy to her. Of course I am Momma
150.        I like people who love cats
151.        My b/f turned into a cat lover when we got a kitten that was a stray and it actually changed my boyfriend for the good, and we got closer also.
152.        The vet tech is absolutely right. Men who are subjects of cats (because no one "owns" cats) have a different way of viewing everything in life. It is more nuanced, understanding, and kind, not to mention loving and compassionate.
153.        Question 1: I refer to my cat by many names truffles ( her name), pumkinhead, pussykins, naughty kitty- to name few. Qestion 2: They need to understand that all my animals are part of my family. Love me love my animals. If a person thinks that animals are germy , then they must think that people are really clean. I dated a guy that thought even touching an animal constituted immediate handwashing, in the meantime he never washed his hands after using the facilities and ate out in places I would consider less than clean. Needless to say, it did not last. The current boyfriend loves our dog, but the cat is stil shy around him.
154.        rug rats
155.        I have 4 cats, all spayed females with all claws that are indoor cats exclusively. I have been around cats since I was a kid on a farm that my parents rented. I'm 54 years old now and firmly believe that cat owners are more in tune with the feelings of others. Dogs are slavishly obedient, which is okay, but cats give love on their own terms, which is the way it should be. Cat owners can sense how their cats feel, and vice-versa.
156.        I think your vet tech friend has it absolutely right.
157.        The ultimate hunter killer? Come on!
158.        Men that like cats are nonjudgemental
159.        Absolutely, I love men who love cats!
160.        Real men do love cats. Men who love cats are more sensitive and understanding, less "macho" perhaps, but more genuinely manly.

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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