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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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161.        I don't trust any man who hates cats (or any critter, for that matter)...if he loathes an animal that out!
162.        My husband is the BEST! I have been a foster mom and in rescue for over 8 years. He has seen kitties come and go. He accepts them, plays with them, and yes, gives them kisses. So, my guy loves cats! Even though he says he does not!
163.        I am a married man and have two cats, I think the reason they came is because as a couple we made some decisions together that made sense for us to own cats. Probably if I were single now I wouldn´t own pets for that matter, just because of fear to have to take care of something.
164.        Question 1 makes no sense. Absolutely real men like cats, if not they are unworthy of notice.
165.        I agree that men who own/love cats are a much better compagnion: more intuitive, compassionate, sensual and understanding. I would never be found in the company of a catless man!
166.        Some men like cats, just like there are some women like cats and some that won't have them. That is their choice. I know men who really like cats as their pets.
167.        My husband loves our two cats and he was a dog person. He sits with the boy kitty and watches football! They watch it together on the couch. The cat seems to know when it's football time with just "the guys".
168.        men that like cats are usually compassionate people
169.        I think a man who is a "real" man must love cats!! My late husband wasn't a real cat lover, but he did love the cats that we always had. And one of our cats picked him out as "hers".
170.        I used to have a boyfriend he didn't like cats he liked only dogs. He was never around cats.One night in his motor home he tried to hurt a cat I laid into him about. He never did that again. When he meet me I told him You love me you love my cats. My cats were all over him they love him and he fell in love with them to.
171.        Some women don't like cats. Men can like cats. There is no gender difference.
172.        I've found men who like cats are just nicer people over all. I could never have a serious relationship with anyone who would not accept my cats since they are part of me.
173.        men will say they don't like cats,lke my husband, we have three. And I catch him petting them. We had to have one of our cats down, she had kidney failure, He cried as much as I did.
174.        First, my question is "what does - how do your refer to your cat?" yes, no, ?? How do I refer what to my cat........ Next, I think men who like cats are more emotionally available. Anyone who says they don't like an animal is not open minded enough. A man who likes a cat is a free thinking, accepting man who knows that all animals are independent and interesting creatures. I could say more, but that's enough for now.
175.        I also won't date men who are not cat lovers.
176.        My husband has grown to like our two cats. My brother played with my cats when he visited us recently.
177.        my husband and I have 6 cats and they want him too play with them after he is home from work !
178.        My 73 yr old Mom & 80 yr old Dad, & 2 brothers in their 40's (one at home - one not far away) have had & loved cats for almost 18 years now. The 3 guys are manly men & not ashamed to show their love for the kitties we've had over the years. In fact, my parents one remaining Cat- out of 3, is 18 & has been sick for over a year, but they have taken him to the Vet's twice a week for fluids & weighing & checkups & then blood work, plus twice a month for over a year. But most of all, they plan their days around giving him the med's he needs 4 times a day- every day since over a year ago. (If they go away, I go stay with him just for company :) Even tho we know his time to go is near, the Doc has been sure that he hasn't been suffering, just getting old. They have done everything they could & have spent a fortune to keep him going. He has had a wonderful life since he was adopted from the shelter by my family, & well loved by the whole extended family, but we all will still be devastated when he's gone. My Baby-Girl is 12 now & I lose it just thinking about her getting older like her cousin. So YES- real men love cats!
179.        My nephew loves cats. He is a wonderful father and husband. He is very attuned to his family's feelings and needs. I think that men who love cats are great people based on what I have seen.
180.        I would much rather date a man that loves cats.
181.        I know wonderful men who are reduced to blithering idiots by their cats. It's very charming. Very touching.
182.        Yes, real men can own cats. I know several men at work who own cats both at home and at work.
183.        Dogs have masters, cats have servants
184.        Men who don't like cats have probably never had one and will most likely conform to society's stereotypes about men and quiche, the color pink, the list goes on and on. A man who says he doesn't like cats is not his own man. Cats are just like people, they are all so very different.
185.        Cats are for anyone...just depends on the person, not the gender.

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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