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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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186.        Twenty years ago when I met my husband, he had never really been around cats. He always had a dog when he was growing up and never really liked cats. A stray kitten came to my apartment and we fed him. He ate everything- from spaghetti to lettuce to beans - everything. So we called him Mikey. My soon to be husband fell in love with him before he fell in love with me. Because of Mikey, he also fell in love with everything cat. We had Mikey for 18 years and every cat that showed up we adopted in one way or the other. We have 8 inside cats that go in our out through the cat door. We also built a cat house with a outside porch and shelves that we feed the feral cats. They number from about 5-8 most of the time with more showing up all the time. My husband wants to take home every cat he sees because of Mikey
187.        Real men own cats! My husband is a real man. Not macho, but real!
189.        My husband loves cats and cats love him ! I wouldn't be with any man that hated any animal!!!
190.        question doesn't make sense
191.        I am 6ft3, weigh 220 lbs, let someone ask me if real men love cats, I own 14 cats and would not take anything for any of them, I am a real man and i do love cats.(Well 2 belong to my daughter and one to my wife, but the rest are mine.) I have two cats that even love working on my old cars with me.
192.        They show their masclinenty by not being bother what others say
193.        Gentlemen like cats
194.        Ernest Hemingway was a cat lover, and about as "macho," as a man can get. Read his bio.
195.        I don't think it matters if you love your cat.
196.        Like the vet technician, I prefer men who like cats! I certainly won't date a man who doesn't like animals - never sure if I can trust people who don't like animals. They seem to have a vital part that is missing.
197.        I think such men are more compassionate and understanding. In fact I am looking for one now.
198.        I agree with the vet tech. Men that have cats are more cerebral and much more in touch with their surroundings.
199.        My husband loves cats. When we were dating, he had plenty of time to find out! We've been married 38 years and have had many kitties that we've loved so very much, and cried so when they passed on to The Rainbow Bridge.
200.        Yes, real men do have and love cats. My husband is a perfect example. One of the best books written on this subject is "My Cat Spit Mcgee" by Willie Morris. He also wrote "My Dog Skip," which was made into a movie by the same name. Moose, who played Eddie on the sitcom "Frasier," shared the role of Skip with his father. Word is that they couldn't stand each other.
201.        We have 5 cats indoors and a 140 lb Malamute outside...and they all get along just fine. The cats are the best stress reliever I know after a hard day.
202.        I refer to my cat as my daughter. I got her when she was very little. I have had her for 12 years. I consider her a rescue due to the home where I got her from. She is very spoiled. being raised on bottled spring water, having her food warmed up in the microwave, ice put in her water when it gets warm and sharing my electric blanket in the winter time when she gets cold.
203.        sweet,loveable
204.        Men that love cats are more compassionate and thoughtful
205.        My husband was once a member of the 'Macho cat hater's club' and I couldn't talk him into allowing me to have a cat. For years, he resisted until one night I was supposed to be going to get Take Out for us and ended up stopping first at the local Pet Shop where a small pitch black Persian female kitten was on display at the entrance. As I up to her cage, she reached her little paw out and snagged my shirt with her tiny claws and looked up at me with those beautiful little kitten eyes and I couldn't leave her there. Yes, I went against my husband's wishes and snuck that little kitten home through the back door along with the Take Out Chicken dinners I'd stopped to purchase on the way home. Must have been the smell of the chicken that made this small black kitten cry so loud. I walked in the back door, kitten in tow along with the Chicken dinners...and I walked right up to my husband and took that little black Persian ball of screaming fluff and placed her defiantly on the lap of my husband, who was sitting comfortably in his Lazy-Boy. That tiny kitten immediately curled up on my rough, tough husband's lap and fell asleep. For 2 hours, my husband didn't move a hair as this little girl wound her way into his heart. He didn't want to disturbe her. I knew she had won the battle I'd fought for years. We named her "Brio" and she was our sweet little furry girl for 15 years. When we had to say farewell to our beautiful Brio, my husband and I shared our deep grief together. We miss her terribly. She changed the heart of a full grown card carrying "cat hater" into a gentle, kind hearted kitty lover....I knew she could do it!
206.        Our six cats help keep me humble. I guess we all need that. - John
207.        I never trusted a man who hated cats. Cats seem to know who like them and who doesnt and the ones who seem to be afraid of them. And the ones who are afraid of cats are the ones a cat will go to every time.
208.        My husband is a pilot with a very high stress job. Our babies (kitties) help him tremendously with regard to relaxing and de-stressing.
209.        Why SHOULD men dislike ANY species, especially cats? I work with several "real" men who own and adore cats as well as dogs. Why discriminate? They both have wonderful attributes. My cats are my joy in life--best company, loving and sweet animals. I think cats are for people who THINK.
210.        Most men either love them or have no use for them. If the cat endears itself...they say it is like a dog.

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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