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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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211.        I have seen several men "discover" cats, and it is a pleasure to watch them fall in love with their cats. Yes, real men do own cats (or allow themselves to be owned by cats. My husband and son are prime examples -- and both are patient, considerate, gentle, responsible, and fun to be with.
212.        my dad has always had cats , I have 3 cats and i think they calm me, amuse me, love me, care for me, there is very little up keep. and they will live longer than dogs. that means 3-5 less heartaches in my life when they pass. Brad
213.        I know some men that don't like cats and usually they're kind of jerks. My boyfriend has had cats throughout the years and he is SO good with them. He's great with our dog, too, but he and the cat have a special relationship. When the cat wants to rough house, he goes to dad and they just play and play!
214.        Its not a dog or cat issue! You either like animals or don't. yes I was a dog person most of my life although my Mother preferred cats. While overseas in the Middle East, I adopted what looked like the ugliest meanest cat I ever did see or rather she adopted me. She promptly provided me with a litter of Kittens after about a month. Three of them and the mother passed away in that unsafe environment where I was living. Anyhow the one offspring remained a calico with the disposition of her mother and a great deal of Persian the other other a scrawny kitten was a stray in an airport Fire station left at about 3 weeks to its own resources. I took it home as I did not want to see it die. Both Wolfie and Alulah have been with me ever since and share our home in Missouri now. Thy are both loving cats in their own way but it has not been an easy journey including our return to the USA. I am now truly a cat person but still love doges as well. I chose not to own one again as I prefer to take good care of the pets I have time space and the the resources to take adequately care of. Although my cats are economy models. I have spent a good sum on them bringing them back from overseas and would not trade them for anything. I guess I have changed my attitude and preference somewhat but I still like all animals regardless.
215.        Don't understand your question ..... how do you refer to your cat. As for: Do real men love cats? ABSOLUTELY! Wouldn't be with a man who didn't.
216.        Men who do not like cats were probably mice in an earlier life!
217.        I am a 47 year old man who has a beautiful wife, 2 kids and 5 cats. By the way I have been a competitive powerlifter for 28 years. I am a 10 time VA State Champion and current National Champion and have owned a cat all of my life. Real men definitely own and love cats.
218.        I am a man and am a foster parent to a friends cat. I dated a woman who introduced me to her 3 cats and wouldn't have dated me if the cats had not approved of me or I had disliked cats.
219.        The last few men I dated owned cats. I do find that for the most part they are more compassionate, and even seem to have a better sense of humor, than non-cat owners. I've also discovered that men's cats seem to be more verbal than cats that are owned by women.
220.        Why does this even have to be a question? I am animal lover, period. I have a cat, and if could, I would dogs, cats, lions, tigers, bears, dolphins... everything possible. Because animals deserve love and most of all respect. So do real men love cats, this real man does.
221.        I've been married over 40 years to a man who likes cats. He was surprised to know that I'd not have gone out with him a second time if he'd said he didn't like cats. It's that important.
222.        When I was single, I let my cats have the final say on who I dated. If the cats did not like a guy, I trusted their instincts.. and they were always right. The guy they liked the most proposed to me 10 days after we met. We are about to celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary... and our current cats live him as much as their predecessors!
223.        I have 3 and also foster so he must love cats! and a dog. They are all non negotiable!!!
224.        I knew my now husband was the one when he rushed my kitty to an emergency vet at the end of a date and even checked the cat in with his last name.
225.        I feel that when a man loves a cat it shows a great deal about him. Shows that he is loving, patient, gental and understanding. It is really attractive when I see a man with a cat and I will not even date a man unless he is a cat lover and knows the cat. I have two very special babies and I have to be careful about who I let around them. Real men love cats.

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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