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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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226.        The kindest manliest men I know love cats as well as dogs. Those that do not like cats strike me as having a character flaw. We have a cat as they are quirky, beautiful, affectionate lap warmers with funny, playful personalities that delight to no end! I call our Persian my kitty daughter as that is what she is! I've raised a family, have 2 Grandchildren, have had a cat or more since 1956 as well as dogs but cats win out in my heart and soul!
227.        Above is an unclear question. i agree with article. I raised my son as a cat lover. Girls are crazy about him. i would not consider a man unless he liked cas and cat stories as they a main source of entertainment in my life. I am a pet sitter and will pass this on to my cat clients.
228.        Real men are cat lovers! It takes a special man to love any animal, cats are no exception.
229.        I think that men really like cats.My boyfriend has got one cat named Tuffy and I have 2,Kramer and little Tooey.They get along well together and do we.
230.        ANY human being who has an open heart and compassion for an animal is, i feel, more living up to the potential that our creator meant us to use. A man who is not afraid of feeling tenderness towards a cat, is not someone who has to prove what a man he is, and hopefully this openness will infuse everything he is and all beings he relates to..
231.        I think your friend is right about men and cats. The one's that don't like cats are one's I stay away from.
232.        Cat loving men, in my experience, appear to be more caring than cat haters...and I'de never have one in my home.
233.        I too feel that men that own and love cats, are more compassionate and sensitive men.
234.        Your first question is impossible to answer. How do I refer to my cat? With yes, no and not sure as the answer? As for men and cats, I would never marry or date a man who didn't like cats, I agree with the vet tech. Our two cats have both won over my husband, who was never a cat hater, but could take them or leave them. I've even caught him playing with our boy cat, a stray we took in about two years ago. I could never live with a man who disliked cats.
235.        i've always had dogs but when my last one passed away i was given a kitten a few weeks after to look after and she's 4 now and she's my world simon from england 6'7 & 300bls
236.        A lot of people think it's strange for a man to have a cat since cats are usually equated with females in their temperment. My husband, when I met him, had a cate who he loved dearly. It's also a good gauge on what type of character a person has...
237.        I agree about men who own cats, they are more patient and compassionate. I think most men don't give cats a chance.
238.        We have 2 a female Misty 5 years old and and male Mars 7 years old
239.        First, question #1 makes no sense. I think men who like cats are more comfortable and secure in their manhood. Men who like cats are real men!

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Do real men own cats? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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