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Do you have or own a cat? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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A question was posed

How do you refer to your cat? do you...have a cat? Own a cat? What? We tossed this poll out to our pet lovers and this is what we learned:

  • 61% of cat owner consider themselves a pet parent

  • 14.5 refer to themselves as a pet owner

  • 12.3 % refer to themselves as a pet guardian

  • 23.5% say...they simply have a pet.

    What do you think? Take our poll. Go to Do you have or Own a Cat.

    So what comments were made? Check them out.

    User comments:

    1.        Good company for handicapped, entertaining while in kitten stage, comforting when older & snooze alot. They sense when your world [mental & physical] is not up to par and will attempt to comfort you with snuggles, purring etc.
    2.        My cats are like my children. I take care of them and they provide me with companionship.
    3.        I really don't agree with any of the above. I have 5 adults and 5 kittens and they are all part of the family.
    4.        i tell people that i have 2 girls and of corse they are my 2 cats, nobody should own a cat they should just be part of your family.
    5.        Alex and Pete:they are my family, my friends and my companions. I love them and they love me.
    6.        I really enjoy having my cat. My cat is very lovable and playful. I treat her as my child. She is also extremely talkative.
    7.        I currently share my home with 8 wonderful kitties who are my babies. They even have middle names like normal children.
    8.        In a sense i am a pet owner, however my cats are like my kids so i am more of a pet parent who hast 1 child and 4 cat children.
    9.        No one can OWN a cat any more than they can own a child. I am Mommy to my kitties and apparently I'm not alone, as the vets all refer to "owners" as mommy or daddy when talking to the animals.
    10.        When speaking to others, I say, "I have pets." But I also "feel" like a "pet parent." And at the same time, I don't think there's anything wrong at all with saying, "I'm a pet owner." Of course, animals have rights, but I feel organizations like PETA take that concept too far. If you have a pet, you ARE a pet owner because you ARE responsible for your pet's health, safety and well being!
    11.        Our cats are like children to me and my husband, We love them, play with them, and discipline them when needed. We are empty nest parenes and the kitties fill that void I guess. I say its that "nutureing" feeling.
    12.        I really do think of my cats as my cat children - they are members of the family and are loved by their human mommy and daddy LOL!
    13.        Our cat is a member of our family.....though he's not expected to help with the dishes. His arrival as a tiny brindled black ball of fluff with attitude filled a giant cat-shaped hole in our lives quite nicely.
    14.        I don't consider my cat a possession. We're roommates.
    15.        Pipsqueak is my senior cat, about five human years old. But She gives in to Meeko, who was twelve weeks when she came into our home about two years ago. Pipsqueak is black & white and a loving cat! She licks/kisses Meeko too much for me. Meeko is a tortise shell female, that is not at all as loving. She's a little too agressive toward Pipsqueak, who use to play a whole lot with Buster, our Male Main Coon about the same age as Pipsqueak. They use to chase each other through the house & sound like soft hooved horses. A very pleasent sound, I need to add. It was way funny to watch & get out of their way! Buster is no longer with us, so, I thought Pipsqueak needed another playmate. Up popped Meeko. I don't like the way Meeko seems to take over from Pipsqueak. But, we're here now, & Pipsqueak seems to tolerate Meeko. Wherever Buster was, Pipsqueak had to be there, but not with Meeko. I sometimes feel sorry for Pipsqueak now. I feel I made a bad choice with Meeko! Oh well,,,,Greg
    16.        I love it. They are our kids and give me something to come home to!!
    17.        My cats are definitely part of the family. We don't "own" them -- maybe they own us.
    18.        You don't own your kitties; they own you.
    19.        Love her company
    20.        I don't have any "human" kids so my cat and my dog are my furry kids. They are sooo intelligent and loving.Zoe,my cat isvery independant but can be so 'friendly' when she wants something i.e. treats.
    21.        I think my two cats own me!!!
    22.        Pets choose you that is why when you are looking at a shelter, you should select the ones you are interested in and then let them decide if the feeling is mutual. It makes for a much stronger bond that way if it is their idea and not theirs.
    23.        You can't own another animal. Maybe legally so but animals have their own mind. This is like you cannot own a slave. Slaves are human beings.
    24.        They just like to let us think that we own them but, from their smug looks and their way of making us beg them to eat, play, etc..., they let us know that they actually own us.
    25.        I am blessed to have a cat and she definately "owns" us! She has us all well trained and we adore her. She makes the family complete. Dad, mom, daughter, son and bird and "Sophie".
    26.        I have agreed to care for this little gift from God. It is my responsibility to keep it safe and comfortable. In exchange I receive joy, pleasure, and comfort when I am sad.
    27.        Our home is a 3 cat household. They think they rule. Mostly I guess they do. They lavish praise on us when we do as they want & admonish us when they don't get what they want, when they want it. We try to stand our ground, but they can make it impossible. I guess you could say they own us.
    28.        My cats are my kids. And, in my opinion cats aren't owned....Cats own everything and their "owners" are their staff.
    29.        Four cats live with us. We are honored!
    30.        If you didn't mind being ignored at times and don't have any children then a cat is for you.

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    Do you have or own a cat? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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