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Do you have or own a cat? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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91.        I'm not quite sure if I own my cats or if they own me!
92.        I have 3 cats who allow me to feed, water, groom and take to the vet. They are indoor/outdoor cats and they make their rounds during the day when I am gone. One stays on the porch and glares at passersby. The other two have favorite neighbors they check on. So I never feel like I own them, more like I'm their landlady.
93.        I don't own Shadow, but on the other hand, she is not my child. She is a wonderful companion. Pat
94.        I don't think I own them. They happen to live with me and I'm happy they do.
95.        They are warm, furry purr machines, that provide delight, laughter, and wonder to my life.
96.        I really think my cats have me. My cats are geniuses of the animal world as they trained me to do all sorts of tricks for them such as opening doors even though the cat flap is in perfect working order, buying furniture that they can enjoy from La-Z-Boy, and sitting down at the appropriate times with my laptop so they can shop online for various cat toys, beds, and food.
97.        I don't own my cat, he owns me. He's not fully in charge, but he gets he's way most of the time. I also treat him like a child. I baby him and spoil him all the time.
98.        This is a big responsibility and we are aware of how much our kitties depend on us. We are well rewarded with love and laughter. We had to buy an RV, just so they could travel with us and they truly enjoy going out on their leashes and exploring with us.
99.        I have a ferral cat. He is not owned. He has chosen to share his life with me. I am honoured to do so. And yes, I would give my life to save his.
100.        Actually, the 15 cats I share my house with, "own" me. They all think I am their possession - provider of food; cleaner of litter box; provider of affection - if and when they want it, and the list goes on and on. Cats are wonderful companions and you really can't sum it up in any of the above statements.
101.        Great, nonjudgemental, always forgiving, loving, comforting
102.        Simple -- they are my family -- my furry family!
103.        My cats act like they are one of my kids so I consider myself to be "Mom". My oldest cat Freddie eats this up while my youngest cat Baby is more independent. They definitely have different personalites just like my two real children!
104.        My cats own me.
105.        I really feel like my cats think of me as their human mommy.
106.        "guardian" and like terms are Animal Rights terms, as opposed to Animal Welfare"
107.        I do not own my kits. If anything they own me. I try very hard to let tme know they are loved, and appreciated. They sometimes don't like to share me, but are aware that with 6 indoor, and 5 outdoor cats this is a must.
108.        I have pet cats in my home and they seem to make their own decisions. They decide when they want to eat, drink, sleep and play.
109.        my life is always richer and happier when i have cats. they are my children.
110.        "own a Cat???" are you kidding me, don't ask me, just ask any of my Cat's. (after they stop laughing at your question.) The question is not "How do I refer to my Cat, it's how my Cat refers to me." Have a great day, and MEOW Denise :-)
111.        There is no such thing as owning a cat. Cats live with me & I believe they view me as a parent.
112.        I am my cats guardian. Sure, some I purchased (purebred Tonkinese) but most of the others "found" my yard and now live peacefully with me. Some were old and unwanted, living in shelters. They also came to live with me. I don't feel I'm an "owner" as they are NOT property. I am not their parent but I am here as their guardian to care for, love them, and keep them safe. A job I truly love.
113.        I definitely HAVE a cat, three actually and I am quite sure that they own me. To my everlasting annoyance I cannot get them to differentiate ON me and NEXT to me... which makes me think that they are quite sure they know that they are in charge.
114.        i "have" a dozen cats and 2 dogs. But i consider them dear friends, not possessions.
115.        I love my cats like they are my babies. I have 2 teenage boys that are to big to show mommy affection anymore but my cats never seem to get to old for a snuggle! I just love em!
116.        My cats, unless they are really bad, have me wrapped around their little paws.
117.        Having a cat can be a pleasure when the cat is happy and well. However they can sometimes be a pain when trying to give medication. My cat has a mind of her own and she thinks she is my boss.
118.        My cat adopted me, coming in under the screen door. She's the offspring of a local semi-feral cat, sometimes I can pat "Mamacat's" head when I give her food, but that's as close as she comes.
119.        I have almost a spiritual connection with my cats.
120.        I am my cats provider.
121.        My cat has made it very clear that she owns me...not the other way around.
122.        My cats are just 2 short,furry people who walk on 4 feet & have a speech defect.
123.        Actually, I have a pet roommate. I think of us as equals.
124.        I always tell people, when they ask if I have any children; "No, unless you count 'fur-kids'."
125.        I think you have a cat, or they let you own them. I have had cats for at least 25 years and without fail they are extremely loving and caring animals but I have found that your interaction with them is at their discretion.
126.        they are fun to be with and add a lot of affection and enjoyment to the household
127.        I refer to my cats as "my girls" - rarely, if ever, as "my cats." I share my home with cats, but I do not "own" them, any more than I would "own" children.
128.        I feel very blessed and honored to take care of three cats, it is a privilage and I cannot imagine my life without them! I love them!
129.        I'm owned BY my cat! She's a princess who rules the roost....
130.        Our Cat rules us and the Home it Lives in.She will Make sure of that.

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Do you have or own a cat? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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