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Do you have or own a cat? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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131.        Having cats is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Napping on a couch snuggled with several purring cats on a cool rainy day is heaven. Cats are the most beautiful and interesting critters to have around.
132.        It's a mutual relationship!
133.        I have a cat. The cat in a way owns us if anything!!! She is already Queen at only 13 months.
134.        I think one can own some pets but not cats. They refuse to be owned. Nobody owns a cat's soul.
135.        My cats are charming and I couldn't love them anymore if I gave birth to them. They most definitely have a mind of their own and come to me as their own decision; not on my terms. I love them even more for that.
136.        I checked "I have a pet". Tabby us her own self! I have to try to be her "guardian" because she is into everything. She even pulls pencils out of the holder, one by one and pitches them onto the floor. Naughtt girl. I try to be her guardian, watchas she climbs to the highest bookshelf, on top of the medicine cabinet; down to the bottom of the waste baskets to see what she can find to throw out; climbs on the drapes to get on top of the valance. I don't own her...she owns me. So I can't be a parent. S-o-o-o that leaves "I have a pet" ...OR, do I :-) Tabby's love-mate Ella.
137.        my cats and I share this planet together as totally unique but compatiable lifeforms. We are symbiotic at this point. Nadine
138.        I always refer my cats as my four footed furry kids!!
139.        My cat's name is Munsen, and I always refer to him by his name. I don't talk or think in terms of "ownership" Stephen Collins
140.        Our little cat, is the light of our/my life. I actually think of her as human as far as importance to my world! My husband loves her but she's still a cat to him. Probably because I am retired and he is still working so has a life outside our home?
141.        My cats are my life. Without cats in my house, I would be so lonely. They are so loveable. They know when I am not well, and either sit on my lap or lay beside me to let me know they care about me.
142.        I found Freddy (Krueger) as a very young kitten, abandoned by his feral mother under my woodshed 6 years ago. He's been a challenge at times, very strong-willed and will spray on me or the furniture when he doesn't get his way. We've compromised... I let him have access to the outside during the day and lock him inside during the night to avoid confrontations with feral cats, raccoons, skunks and coyotes. He's been on a diet since he was two years old and constantly DEMANDS food so I divide his feedings into three portions and feed morning, afternoon and just before I go to bed. He and my dog Harry Houdini are companions and play together. I love him in spite of his demanding behavior.
143.        My husband and I have 6 dogs and 3 cats. I don't think of them as "property" to be owned. They are living , breathing, feeling animals that need love and guidance (not unlike a child). Sometimes, I think they believe they actually "own" us! It is their house, and they just let us live there. Very often, if we have been somewhere with a dog or cat (or both) that they don't know, they smell the scent on us and get "jealous."
144.        My cats are like my kids- I love them very much but never think about "owning" them. If anything, they "own" me!!
145.        My two girls.. Belle and Bebe are my babies.. I am spending my daughters inheritance.. lol.
146.        I love my Furry Children They bring such joy I have a new little one Elvira she is a hand full! She likes to tease the dog, along with the other furry children 3 more cats. I will have Noah's ark soon.
147.        I am my cats personal slave
148.        my cats own me. they are absolutly adorable, loyal in their affections, protective of me, and i prefer them very often over humans.
149.        no one "owns" a cat.... they go where the food is
150.        I would never be without one or two in my life
151.        My cats are their own beings; I do not own them. I share my home with them and care for them as part of this share experience. They give me back to me in their own way by providing me with their company and affection.
152.        My cats are the love of my life since I lost the human love of mylife last November. I don't know what I'd do without them.
153.        Cats choose us. We have a bush kitty who came to live with us. He knew he'd be cared for and loved at our house. Yet he remains very independent.
154.        Cats OWN us -- we never OWN them.
155.        I'm primarily "mommy" but also friend...
156.        Hi We Have two male cats Chance And Gizmo.They blong to my girls, so im Nanny to them,, its kinda funny but also cute,,they r pretty well bhaved boys i must say very clean,they bring much joy to our home.Gizmo is more affectionate than Chance though, chance was the Runt of the bunch and has always been some what timid,but we love him any way,now Gizmo on the other hand seems to Be the most courious of the two and is always head buttin people ,when he does that we call it giving lovings or kisses its realy cute ,, he tryes to open doors and pick up cups of course he cant hold on to them but its cute to watch him try lol,gizmo is also a good fly catcher although we dont let him eat them if we can help it ,, Chance is more like a loner even though they come fr the same litter, but comes to u when he wants affection, he doesnt like to be held for very long, and he doesnt care for little kids or dogs,, as gizmo loves dogs .. i find that kinda funny ,, they love to play and ressel with each other alot and they have there own special toys , gizmo dont bother with Chances toys and Chance dont bother Gizmos either,they are special to us and we love them alot, they are indoor cats but if Gizmo had his way hed b out the door in a flash lol, as Chance doesnt seem as interested in whats going on out side,Gizmo acts more like a person than a cat as the other one acts more like a cat lol Gizmo will sit by the door if some one is out side and cry for them usualy Katie as he belongs to her, if someone knocks on the door hes usually the first one there , almost like a dog.. but their both loved the same and are id say a bit spoiled,But thats our Cats..
158.        My four cats are my babies, my children, my companions and my friends, but I certainly don't claim ownership. In order to truly enjoy your cats as companions you have to celebrate and enjoy their independent nature.
159.        They are my best friends, my babies and a source of comfort and joy. I could not live without a cat.
160.        She's my "baby"...there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. So as far as who "owns" who? She has me trained to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants!

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Do you have or own a cat? PetPlace Readers Speak Out

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