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Dysuria (Trouble Urinating) in Cats

By: Dr. Mary Anna Labato

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Dysuria may be the result of a number of different causes. These include:

  • Calculi. Bladder or urethral

  • Infection. Bacterial cystitis (infection of the bladder), urethritis, vaginitis, prostatitis (bacterial) or prostatic abscess

  • Bladder cancer. Transitional cell carcinoma, rhabdomyoma or sarcoma

  • Urethral cancer. Transitional cell carcinoma, transmissible venereal tumor

  • Prostate cancer. Adenocarcinoma, transitional cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma

  • Vaginal or penile cancer. Transmissible venereal tumor, fibromas, sarcomas

  • Trauma. Ruptured bladder or urethra, urethral stricture

  • Inflammation. Feline lower urinary tract disorders (FLUTD) or granulomatous urethritis

  • Neurologic. Detrusor-urethral dyssynergia

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    Dysuria (Trouble Urinating) in Cats

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