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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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My Ragdoll 's name is Amadeus

I was listening to Amadeus Mozart on a classical radio station the day before I was to pick up my "rescued" ragdoll. Lo and behold someone had called him Simon. That was not good enough name for the beautiful cat so I named him Amadeus and I call him Ami for short, except when he gets into trouble I call him Amadeus!

M. Craig, Charlotte NC

My Sweet Pea!

My sweet pea has so many pet names! I always call her boo boo face in a baby voice! She is very smart doesn't miss a beat at all! I talk to her everyday. I always ask how was her day when I come home from work and then she purrs really loud! I tell my boo boo face; mommy wants to see your teef. I thought that was the cutest thing. I love her so much! She has truly changed me!

Lisa Rodriguez - New York

A name that suits

After loosing my two very old cats, 19 and 20 Turbo, (she was turbo charged) and Twitchet (had a habit of twitching her tail very quickly for attention), I went to the shelter and got my beautiful Maine Coon kitty, who is 5 years old now. I named her SASSY, why? Because she would be very loving and cuddly, but when she wanted no more she got very sassy, a hiss and grab. But I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Nancy Weaver, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada.

My heart is full of "WOOGIE-ness"!

My great big, beautiful "BABY", Maggie, is a Siamese/ Maine Coon kitty...and guess WHAT? She weighs 18 pounds!! I can't even begin to tell you how precious she is, and I'm sure that you would agree that she is one huge lump of CUTE! My vet has recently put her on a strict diet, and laughingly said that he thinks Maggie has eaten a bowling ball!! One lazy day last summer, she gazed at me for the longest time, with her sweet, pleading, large yellow "OWL eyes", in obvious anticipation of a kitty treat. I couldn't resist!! (although I knew better than to give in!) and as I put a few "cat crunchies into her food dish, suddenly, out of the clear blue sky, I muttered, "Aw, Maggie, why are you such a "WOOGIE FATSO-FACE"? (I have no idea where that came from!) Anyway, the nickname stuck. But mark my words, I'm going to help her loose that weight (the vet says at least 6 pounds), and hopefully, maybe someday I can start calling her "MISS TWIGGY", instead!! HAHA!! Wish us luck!!

Bonnie Vanarsdale

Pet Name Stinker

I got my cat not too long after George's Harrison's death and he was on my mind a lot so I named my cat George Harrison. He would do funny and mischievous things and I would call him "Stinker Doodle" which changed to "Stinker" which baby talked to "Tinker" which shortened to "Tink" which changed to "Ting" (I don't know why). So the only name he really knows and is known by is "Ting-Ting". However if I call him George - using his (Ting's) voice tone - he will answer.

Jeanne Jones - Cincinnati, Ohio

My Cat Pepper

Pepper is coal black with one little spot of white on his chest. His given name is "Pepper," but very soon I started calling him "Pepe le Pew" like the cartoon character. He's also known as "Pep pep" or "Bully Boy" when he's beating up on his kitty sister. He's a rescue kitty like all of my kitties. Even though he's a bruiser and a bullyboy, he's a lovely boy where I'm concerned. He sleeps on my chest or wherever he can get closest to me.

Leonora Estes

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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