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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Chewie is so Stinky

I call my cat chewie by his pet name so much that it has become his real name and that name is stink butt.

It started out as stink button- a cute little button of stink when he was a kitten.
He would not and still will not use litter boxes (he will use newspapers instead) but would sit in the litter box and throw the litter over himself.
He also would leave stinky little" presents" wherever he felt like it and still does this sometimes, Stink button got shortened to stink butt instead.
He is also like a dust mop picking up whatever dirt is around on his fur making him a little stinky now and then.

Lynda Van Bueren Pittsburgh Pa.

Christmas Treats

Willow is my cat's real name, but I guess you are correct, I use his pet name's Sugarplum, he actually comes to that name as well. He got into the Christmas tree first year and knocked it down three times. He played with the ornaments till they fell, and found a wrapped package of pounce; they were his treats, just like a child has his sugarplums. I also call him pretty boy, he likes that one as do I know.... because if I call him he comes.... how smart is that.

Lois Sutch

Ricky by every Other Name ...

One of my 3-year-old tabbies, named Ricky has many, many pet names. When we first got him he was the saddest, tiniest little fluff ball, not much bigger than a mouse ... so, I started calling him "little mouse". Now that he's a chubby adult I call him "big mouse". Other pet names for him include but are not limited to: poop, pooper, schnootsy, mousy, stupsy. Mouse and Ricky get his attention. He's the best.

Nicki - Calgary, AB

Son's Unusual Name for his Kitty

Not sure how he came up with it, but my son named his female kitten "Honey Bunches of Sweet Stuff!" When writing, he would shorten it to HBOSS. :) Otherwise it would be simply, "Bunches" or "Bunch a Stuff."

We have another adorable black kitty, who my daughter named SOOTsie.

Another Black Lab that we had was named "Ebony."

A temperamental Persian I had many years ago was named "Tiffy," and for good reason!

Michelle Toste- Oak Harbor, WA

My cat is Little Girl...but it is a Boy

My son belongs to a fraternity...he brought his cat home because it was getting out a lot and frankly abused by the fraternity boys...I never had a cat...always had dogs. He told me it was a girl and he named it "cat" thinking it was a girl...I named it little girl...would never let me pet it downstairs.... was and still is a biter...took it to the vet a couple months later to be fixed...I see the vet's number on my caller id.... all I was thinking...great she's what am I going to do...they said little girl is not a little girl but a boy.... so the vet was calling him little man.... well u know after that surgery. He didn't speak to me for a week...than little girl loves to go out and play with the next-door neighbors cat. So the little boy started calling him now the he/she is little girl earl...i still call him little girl...he knows his name.... what's in a name...

Tricia, Mt. Pocono, PA

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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