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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Pet Names for My Three Girls

My husband and I have three cats: Antigone, Skeeter, and Desdemona. Of course, we have pet names for all three! Antigone goes by "Tiggy," which my husband picked out for her. We also call her "Tiggums." I often call Skeeter "Skeet" because it is a shorter form of the original. Desdemona goes by "Desi" because it is shorter. I also call her "Dizzy" sometimes because she is not very coordinated. And, they all have songs to match their names, too. But that's a whole other e-mail!! :) We are cat crazy!!

Diana L. Poliquin

How My Cat Received His Nickname

My cat is named Keeter and had received his nickname of "Beep" due to the fact that when he was a couple of months old, he would go running through the house so fast that he would sometimes crash into whatever was in his way, like a person or a closed door. Whenever I would see him come charging down the hall, I would shout out, "Beep, Beep - here he comes, get out of the way". I started to call him "Little Beep" after a while and he would responded to that name, and as he grew older, everyone in the household started to call him "Beep". He will be two years old in May and sometimes he will run so fast that he actually goes sliding as he leaves a carpeted area onto the hardwood floor. He is a wonderful pet and brings so much joy to our family!

Donna Saccoccia - Cranston, Rhode Island

The cat makes his own name

I am the mother of 6 cats. Hopscotch walked IN on us 8 years ago. He was a tiny butterscotch kitten. On his first night with us I put him in bed with my husband & I. [I had 2 other old cats at the time - had to keep them separated]. Well this butterscotch kitten would hop on top of the bed after any body part that moved underneath...hence Hopscotch.

I later rescued 5 kittens that were smaller than chipmunks.
The Flully Calico - well that is Cali-girl. She is dippy much like a Valley Girl from California.....Very complex mix of ideas.

Then we have what was the littlest kitten now my second largest: Maunz [pronounced like Ounze with an M at the beginning]. It is a German word for a Mouser kitty, but he actually looked like a mouse when he was little. Rounded ears, interesting face. He must speak German because he is the mouser - loves any kind of toy mouse you can find.
We then have Ramon - who was originally named for the punk band the Ramones. This cat had a small head with a boatload of fur protruding from the ears and cheeks. I didn't want to call him Alien-kitty, so Ramon was good. Well he grew into this hair and is no longer punky...but he is such a lover-boy - that he became - Ramon the Latin lover...

Then there is Dude.... He has his name because when I would bottle feed him he would grab the bottle then his arms would fall behind his head and he would fall asleep "hanging 10" - thus dude. Now he is just a totally cool Dude - and a Mamma's boy!
Finally we have Buddy - the big guy. He just loved to hang by your side when he was young. He is now very independent, but checks in on you from time to time during the day to see how you are. Just a nice buddy.

There you have it - my cats' names and the history behind them. These are just amazing cats. I am glad I didn't give them names like Joe, Steve, Sally, etc.

Have fun with your furry kids!

Christine Berry - Troy, NY

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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