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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Pet Name for Cheyenne

One of my seven cats got her pet name "Whipper" because her tail is constantly whipping back and forth even when she is sound asleep! Her given name is Cheyenne but now we call her Whipper and she even comes to you when you say her pet name. We have 6 dogs too so she has plenty of playmates!!

Sandi Jones

Sasha, Jazmyne, Sora, and Neji

I have always had pet names for my cats. I have 4 now. Sasha is called Pooh Bear, Sora is my little Cow, Jazmyne is my Squirel, and Neji is Rat Boy. They all look like their pet names because of their colors and the way they act. I think it's normal, if you have kids, think about how often you use their real names when you talk to them, all of my kids have pet names that I call them, my cats are included.

Candy Secor - Vancouver, WA

Ben And Gay

My two cats.....Micky and Minnie (brother and sister).We occasionally call "Ben" and "Gay" because if my husband happens to have some Bengay on his aching knee.... they go crazy.... they love the smell!! They just keep smelling and licking his pants leg. All the other cats just sit there and watch them as if they are loony...too funny!!!

Camille Carter...Hot Springs, Arkansas

My kitten Osiris Purrs a lot

I got Osiris right after Thanksgving. He was free at a gas station and came home. He is all black. Well they said he wasn't social able. Two days later max he is warmed up to us. We discovered his purr lol and what a purr it is. He has the loudest purr I've ever heard in a cat and will purr for no reason it seems. His name may be Osiris but we call him Sir Purr A Lot too. He has lived up to both names.

Sarah Hatter -Santa Maria, California

My Pets 'Pet names'

When I adopted my cat, he was already named Burton. I liked the name, so I kept it. Eventually I started calling him little baby-talk names, because he was so cute! Tons of names-Burty, Burty-Boo, Burty-Boo-Boo, Buddy-Boo, Baby-Boo, Fuzzy-Buddy-So many names I think he started to get confused about what his real name was!!!

Tally Youngblood

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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