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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Best Pound Puppy

4 years ago my husband John took me to a nice dinner and handed me a card that said "to thank you for your love and support, I want you to get a kitten to add to our family". We already had one cat so I was thrilled for Rachael kitty and myself. We went to "the pound" in North Central Los Angeles the next day where I knew I would truly be saving a life. It was quite a drive for us but they must have had 50 cats! I honestly didn't know how to decide. Then a family came by with an attendant and said they decided and were taking one dog and one cat and they wanted the kitten that was with the little black boy up front. I was holding another kitten at the time and my husband said the one in my arms didn't seem right. Then I realized that the little black boy left alone in the cage looked really sad. The poor little thing was going to be so lonely and he was covered with scabs and scars and was missing part of a footpad. I knew he would have a hard time being adoptable so at that very moment, I said "That one. We'll take that one." On the way home we named him Neo, had his tag made with his new name, bought new toys and dish and picked him up the next day after he'd been neutered and micro-chipped.

The day we brought him home he found his favorite toy and started fetching. After a few weeks, all I had to do was say "ready?" and he would fetch. There was something about him that was so mellow and adaptable and trainable, almost like a puppy. From that first night, he learned "no" and has never begged for food. John kept saying, "he's so polite! He's more like a dog than a cat"; and he hardly ever meows. The first few months (really always) no matter what I was doing, I would stop and play or pet him, whenever, whatever he needed. Since I work at home it was wonderful to have a new baby in the house. After a while, my husband decided that he must be part dog, because he got him to roll over on command. By then Neo was already answering to "puppy".

It took a long time for his scars to heal. I thought the big one on his nose was a mole but after a couple of months it fell off and he is purrfect. His footpad even grew back! He has a super shiny coat, almost like mink. In the sun you can almost see super dark cocoa colored stripes on his fur.

He truly is the best pound puppy in the world, and that's how Neo got his nickname. I'm still trying to teach him to bark since he still hardly ever meows. Woof! Neo, Woof. Good Puppy!

Kaye S Zigrang

How Max got his Nickname

When I got Max I has been hearing a song on college radio that a guy sang about his best friend his Kitty Cat Max. Well, I decided when I got him his name would be Max. Well, Max has two nicknames. One I gave him and one my husband gave him. I call him Honey Dolls. When he comes on the bed at night or up on the couch that is "honey dolls time". When he is playing with his toys or something he has caught, my husband calls it noodling. This gave Max the nickname Capt. Noodles. He answers to both.

Mary - PA

Goober is as Cute as a Button

His name is Goober, but I have taken to calling him Button, because he is as cute as one!

B J Apichella, Newark, Delaware

It just felt 'Right'

Much like my naming her initially, KitKat's pet names have evolved naturally. When I first got her, I had never named a pet before & I wanted to find the perfect one. But, finally after days of racking my brain, a name stuck-KitKat. It just felt right. (Plus she is the color of an actual KitKat-the candy bar, milk chocolate & tan wafers!). Well her nicknames have become many since that time 2 years ago- KitKatBaBitBat, Shuga Shug, Honey Bear, Sweetie-poe-petey, & many more, the list seems to grow weekly. She even has her own PowerPoint that I made! Ok well thats the story of the naming of KitKat Kennedy. Thanks!

Tania Kennedy

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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