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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Pet Names

My kitty's name is Bella. Her pet names include (Bells, Bella-Boo, Bellsy, Miss Priss, Bella Girl, Baby Girl, and my personal favorite-Belly Button).

Christina Parker - Whiteford, Maryland

My Mabel was a Klutz!

When I got Mabel at 4 months old her name came with her. We tried to find a different name for her but Mabel stuck. We soon discovered that for a cat she was pretty klutzy, she fell off chairs, beds etc. Not to mention knocking things down, my sons noting the hilarity of a clumsy cat started calling her Boo Boo and it has stuck even though she has outgrown her klutz stage the nickname has stuck, she will even answer to her nickname on some occasions.

Barb Towne

My Pets have Middle Names

My cats' "middle" names just seem to pop out of nowhere. There's Gabriel "Puddycat" aka "kittyboy"; Clyde "Mouser" (has no interest in mice); and JR "Honeybunny" -the World's Cutest Kitty. Also Sonia "Begonia" and our pug Jabba "Wamba" aka "Bubby". My son's lab answer's to "Fatdog" (not his real name).

Dawn - Boise, ID

Pet Names for Pets? You Have No Idea...

Kino Ka (KEENO-ka; Algonquin for "papoose; re-birth"), otherwise known as...

Kino-Beano: hey, it rhymed...
Bean Bag: just kind of evolved from Kino-Beano
Keener: everything sounds good when you add "-er"
Whiny Heiny: my baby doesn't meow, he whines!
Slinky Stinker: he slinks around the house like a black panther on the prowl
Cuddlebug: he cuddles with Mama when he knows she needs it
Little Lovey: evolved from Cuddlebug
Furry Purry: he purrs whenever he is with his Mama
His "little sister" is Nianque (nee-AHN-qway; Lenni Lenape for "wild cat"), or...

Steve: we had her for 3 weeks, and still couldn't come up with an appropriate name for her. My husband decided we should name her after the photographer at my best friend's husband's an odd man...

Neon Quoits: my father came up with this play off of her name...he, too, is an odd man...
Smelly/Stinky: my husband started calling her this once when he felt she needed a's meant with affection, really!
Little Girl: she's a puny little thing, barely 9 pounds; but that was before she became...
NianQuake: Nianque is totally taking advantage of her brother's recent surgery and subsequent lack of appetite; my sister thought of this play off of her name
Tubby: my husband's contribution to Nianque's expanding girth

Kitten-Cat & Kitten-Kitty (respectively): this is a tradition that actually started with a German Sheppard-Black Lab mix I grew up with; my family always talked to her like and treated her as though she was a puppy. A large dog that should have only lived about 9 years, Heidi lived to be over 16 years old. If it worked for a dog, it should work for cats, right? And when the time comes that Kino Ka passes, should we ever adopt another kitten, Nianque will hold the Kitten-Cat title and her younger sibling will hold the Kitten-Kitty title.

Julieann from PA

My Cassie was So Fat

When I rescued Cassie from a life outside, after several litters, she was nice and trim. Spaying, plenty of good healthy food and staying indoors eventually put the weight on her. She became my "big dumplin'". Even though she's no longer as fat as she was, the name has held on.

Marianne Mayer - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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