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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

By: Dog Lovers

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BC - short for Barn Cat

She was one of the first cat I had as an adult
and initially her name was due to her origin - she came from a dairy barn and although she was a white kitten, when we took her home she was manure brown. She got so many baths the first week that we had her that she decided that she loved baths. Whenever her humans would take a bath, she would join us in the tub. Thus, we amended her name to stand for Bathtub Cat, or sometimes for Basket Case! - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


Pretzel is currently an 18 year old cat (and sleeping beside my computer), I rescued her from the humane society. She was pregnant and extremely ill with an upper respiratory infection that had spread to bronchopneumonia. I kept her isolated in my office at work, and as she responded to treatment she began to explore her new surroundings. In spite of her late stage of pregnancy, she would manage to squeeze into very tight quarters, earning her the name Pretzel. As she is a calico with mostly orange and black patches, her color is reminiscent of a pretzel. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


My 15 year-old calico/tortie is named "Scraps", because a British gentleman who met her made the comment "Oh, she's made up of lovely bits and scraps, isn't she?


A blue cream tortoiseshell who is precious to me; named after the "blue" gemstone which is the birthstone of the month in which she became a stray at the humane society. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


(Pronounced came-in)- she was a pretty tortoiseshell that was dumped in an apartment building where my technician lived. She "came in" pregnant, and became our clinic cat. Her name also evoked the Cayman Islands, an exotic vacation destination for many - the dual meaning of her name always brought a smile to peoples' faces. After her kittens were born we found great homes for all of them with our clients. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


An orange tabby who "turned up" at the clinic one day because her first owners didn't want her; the orange of her coat was dark, resembling a turnip. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


We eventually had to place turnup in another home because she was too mischievous (kept jumping into clients' bags or carriers, bugging other animals. We adopted Rutabaga as Turnup's replacement, so naturally she had to have a name that was a synonym of turnips. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian


This stray cat was picked up by the humane society and brought to our clinic for an examination. She had a badly broken foreleg that had to be amputated; thus her name I lean. - Cheryl Yuill, Veterinarian

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Favorite Cat Pet Names – Pet names or Nick Names for Cats

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