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Favorite Holiday Traditions – What Cat Lovers Suggest…

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We love the holidays with our cats. One of our wonderful writers researched and created a list of holiday traditions that you can spend with your dog. Read the full article – go to: b8 Wonderful Holiday Traditions to Share with Your Cat.

We've also been getting emails from readers about some of their favorite traditions with their cats. Here are some recent suggestions we have received.

I hope these suggestions encourage you to create some of your own traditions with your cats.

  • We have one cat and four dogs. We spend Christmas morning opening gifts wouldn't be near as much fun without them. They love tearing open their own gifts and playing in the pile of wrapping paper and bows. That's what makes Christmas morning very special for us is seeing the amount of fun they're having with us. I couldn't imagine excluding them!

  • We buy her a Christmas present, wrap it in catnip filled paper and she opens it when we open ours.

  • Because we are blessed with a whole multicat show household here inc Siamese, Devon sphynx and a Maine coone as well - having an indoor Christmas tree has become impossible - so we always use an outside tree with some baubles and bows and add strings of white lights around all the cat run play areas so that the spoiled pussers can also see them all. Plus the cats are of course cozy inside the house and their conservatory whilst we are outside in the cold wind with the ladders and long lights and doing their decorations - we wish you all a wonderful cat coZy Christmastide ! The Baileys GB

  • I always put up a small tree for my cat.

  • I always get all of my cats toys and new catnip and I wrap them and let them open them. I also share my meal with them. They are now my kids and they deserve the best and lots of love from me.

  • We like to get up Christmas morning and play board games on the floor and play with the cats. We have laser toys and more to make them dance and just have fun!

  • I give my cat catnip and sit and relax with the fireplace going and enjoy a nice glass of wine. Just relax with some nice Christmas music and take pleasure and what my cat means to me.

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    Favorite Holiday Traditions – What Cat Lovers Suggest…

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