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Get Pet Hair OFF and OUT of Your Home

By: Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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  • Brushing and grooming – The second favorite way our users deal with pet hair is to " brush, brush, brush." Some hair coats shed more than others no matter what you do, but helping them shed their hair when the season changes reduces the hair in the house. Your pet's individual hair coat should be taken into consideration when buying grooming tools. Here is a great tip: "If you have your pet professionally groomed, ask to meet with the groomer. Ask their advice on the best brush or combs for your pets coat type. For example, some combs and brushes work better on short straight hair and others work better on dogs with thick undercoats. If you don't get your pet professionally groomed, then you may want to take your pet to a pet store and get advice on their grooming products." Many users like to combine regular brushing with grooming. Combining daily brushing (especially recommended outside) with monthly grooming can be very beneficial. Brushing on a regular basis makes a big difference.

  • Brushes – Use a brush designed for your dog's hair coat. If he has an undercoat, use a "rake" type brush or a shedding blade. If he has long hair, you may want a variety. Many users liked the brushes that were built into a glove so their pets thought they were getting petted rather than brushed. "I use a glove 'brush' so my guys think I'm just petting them and don't fight being groomed. Also, if they'll let you, try vacuuming your pets. My rat terrier absolutely loves it and thinks it's a special treat." Vacuuming should be done with special care, as some pets may be frightened. Also, take special care as some vacuums may be too powerful and can harm the skin.

  • Shampoos and Rinses – Some users thought a good quality shampoo and cream rinse helped minimize shedding. Most users don't think the individual products makes a huge difference but the physical act of bathing can help remove hair. Bathing is a good part of the overall brushing and grooming program.

  • Choose your clothes carefully – Several users actually said they actually stopped wearing black clothing so pet hair would not be as obvious!

  • Good quality food – Some users really thought their pets shed less when fed a better quality food. For example, "Feed a premium brand of dog food, since this will decrease the amount of shedding, by providing the dog with good nutrients."

  • Vitamins – Some users thought vitamin supplements were helpful. This accounted for less than 0.05% of users.

  • Professional help – Pet lovers that could afford it found great value in professional services such as housecleaning services. Having their homes professionally cleaned every two weeks can make a big difference.

    Ultimately, to effectively deal with pet hair in your home, vacuum like crazy and groom your pets regularly. Daily vacuuming and brushing is best. If you can afford it, the Dyson vacuum is a real favorite! Rubber gloves and the Swiffer® seem like great options for fabrics and flooring.

    Do you have suggestions on how you deal with pet hair? Fill out our survey!

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    Get Pet Hair OFF and OUT of Your Home

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