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He's a Cat Lover Now!

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Many dog lovers swear that they will never turn their affection to cats. Cats are such different creatures from dogs, independent, seemingly indifferent and even uninterested. Cat lovers know however, that beneath the cool exterior of the capable feline lies the heart of a lover. And it only takes one good cat to turn a dog fan into a feline fanatic as well. I just read a great story about a woman whose fiancé was tricked into falling for felines. You can read the whole story here!

Keri in Colorado explains that her fiancé was die-hard dog fan and was still a little broken-hearted over the canine pal he had lost in a previous divorce. Keri had been living with him for three months when she broached the subject of getting a cat, but her fiancé wouldn't hear of it. He noted that cats smelled, that they didn't fetch balls for fun-loving owners and in fact, kept completely to themselves. Kari listened but wasn't dissuaded. She explained all the work that a dog would require and noted how self-sufficient a cat would be. The discussion went on for some time until finally her fiancé relented and agreed to cat with one stipulation, it couldn't shed. He thought that would be the end of the argument.

After a little bit of research, Keri found the only guaranteed-not-to-shed cat breed and presented the information. She showed him pictures of the hairless sphynx. Her fiancé was mortified by the idea of this hairless beast in their home. So Keri presented her second (and actually favorite) choice, the Devon rex which shed, but only minimally.

Keri won and brought home their 16 week old kitten to meet her unmoved fiancé. That night the kitten was left in a room where she would be safe while she settled in, but the little cat wouldn't stop crying. Keri kept creeping out of bed to soothe her and then sneaking away when the cat fell back asleep. After the third time trying to quiet her, Keri's fiancé offered to step in.

Amazingly, her fiancé was able to quiet the kitten and crawl back into bed. Keri wondered over his technique while she slipped back asleep. When a cold nose woke her later, she knew instantly why it had worked. He had brought the cat to bed with them.

Now the two are inseparable. The cat sits on his shoulders as he walks around the house. She sleeps between Keri and her fiancé at night and basically rules the roost. Oh, and she learned how to play fetch as well. Who says dogs make better pets?

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

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He's a Cat Lover Now!

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