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How Cat Lovers Celebrate the Holidays with Their Cats

By: PetPlace Cat Lovers

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Here are some ways pet lovers spend the holidays with their pets. We hope you enjoy reading them and get some ideas for your own holiday traditions.

  • I hang small Santa Stockings on the stair railing with their names on. For the most part I add toys that are stuffed with catnip and treats for dental care. Adeline – from Canada

  • Our kitty has her own little Christmas tree with small kitty toys for ornaments. Her tree is prelit and is just right for her. She gets special treats on Christmas. She is a special kitty. - June Moore, Stockbridge, GA

  • For the major holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even their birthdays, we always make a big dinner. They always get a little meat, potatoes, and gravy. They're used to eating wet canned cat food about once a week, but when it comes to big holidays and their birthdays, they get a very special, more expensive, can. Always something different. They also get a new toy on Christmas and birthdays. When I really don't have the money, or they don't need more toys, I give them each a new milk ring, paper bag, or a new string. They're just as happy with those toys as they are with the toys from the store. ~ Wendy ~

  • My cat loves tissue paper and the holidays. I let him out of his room (yes, he has his own room) to watch family and friends open their gifts. People who do not know this cat very well place their sticky ribbons to his tail and back. Normally, at other occasions, he would run in circles, hissing, spitting, and complaining very loudly. During the holidays, he likes all the attention, the boxes, the tissue paper and even the sticky bows stuck all over his body. We spend a few hours opening the gifts and by the end of those few hours, my sweet cat is fast asleep, covered with bows, half covered with tissue paper and very very content. - Harris

  • Two or three weeks before Christmas I start hiding and/or throwing out all the toys the cats currently have, until the toy basket is empty about a week before Christmas. Trust me, by then the ratty-toys-toss is usually long overdue, but the timing works well for making a big deal out of a few new playthings on Christmas morning. Each cat has a stocking, and these will be filled the night before with a couple of toys and treats and a peacock feather showing at the top --- hung up in the living room from a curtain rod so that the feathers are of great interest but unattainable overnight. Next morning breakfast will be some excellent food Wuz and Orion really like, but don't get to eat very often. These are indoor cats, but I'll let them come out while I refill the birdfeeders and put out handfuls of feast seeds and peanuts in the shell for the chipmunks and gray squirrels (we offer out special nuts/ sunflower hearts/seed blends and primo suet on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years). Being outside once in a while is a great and very cool (no pun intended) treat for them. Then we'll come back inside and I'll put the stockings down on the floor, and "getting presents" starts with the peacock feathers and fresh potted catnip. Eventually I'll leave the cats to continue prying out whatever is in the stockings at their own pace. I'll get my coffee and breakfast and eat it on the couch; we'll keep an eye on the birds and wildlife action out on the deck. Usually I'm cooking turkey, so the house is full of good smells. Sometimes I have some wrapping to finish, and crackly paper has it's own magic (especially when one has a snootful of catnip :)) Christmas and New Years Day mornings are both like this: the point is being together, relaxed and having fun for a few hours of definite quality time. – Kristen

  • When I only had one cat I use to wrap his present with catnip and put it under the tree. He would find it and unwrap it and enjoy the catnip and the toy that was included. Now I have a dozen so I now buy fresh catnip and toys for them but I don't wrap them and put them under the tree anymore. Also this year I have bought them a new expensive cat tree with several shelves and a house that they can sit in. It gets very expensive when you have more than one animal, plus I have to buy for my grand dogs and cats.

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    How Cat Lovers Celebrate the Holidays with Their Cats

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