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How Cat’s got Their Names - Cute Cat Name Stories

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I have a cat whos' name is Mongo. Whenever she wants something her meow sounds just like she is saying mama. My neices and nephews heard her do this one day when she wanted to come outside with us. They were really suprised and said, " Mongo is saying Mama." She doesn't do it right at first, but if she thinks you're not paying attention she starts meowing mama. - Taffy


My wife sat up in bed and exclaimed "Calm down, you spastic thing!" I instantly had a "light bulb over the head" moment and said "That's it! Her name is 'Spaz'!" My wife didn't care for that idea, but I started using it the next day ("Hello, Spaz. How are you, Spaz? Here's some more food, Spaz. Need your litter box cleaned, Spaz?", etc.) Within 24 hours, she was responding to the name, so that settled it. As you can imagine, every vet she went to did a double-take when hearing her name!


I think my cat has the coolest name, Her name is Reiki, which in Japanese means "spiritually guided life force energy" practiced by reiki masters who lay their hands upon the sick or injured to heal. I was working at a vet clinic when a lady brought in this pitiful sick little kitten with a broken jaw. We were going to euthanize her, but this woman said she practiced reiki and asked if she could try it with the kitten. She did, and I decided to take her home overnight to see if she would make it. Well, four years later, she is a beautiful, healthy cat who also practices reiki -- every time she lays in my lap and purrs I feel healed too! - Michelle

Bertabie, Poupon, Kingaiu & Topsy Doodles

Bertabie - a HUGE Maine Coon, nick-named Big Berta.

Poupon - named after the mustard brand "Grey Poupon" as she is a little
grey stray with mustard colored splashes. Poupon also means "little one"
in French.

Kingaju - a Black Persian with Halloween Orange Eyes, named after the
Orange Eyed Tree Dwelling Marsupial of the same name. Used to call her
Jubees for short. She resides at RB.

Topsy Doodles - my "Special Needs" kitty, a Tuxedo cat with CH, Cerebellar Hypoplasia, who tends to topple over a lot as her balance skills aren't so hot. Clumsy as can be, she is my sweet little snuggle bum and my favorite cat! - Tracy Present


Our orange cat's name is POGO. He came to us not quite six weeks old, not always k eeping his balance, while still learning to walk and run. He loved to hop around and go into a tumble, which reminded us of jumping on a pogp stick. He almost 9 months now, and still loves to hop while playing....- Linda Martindale


About ideas for names of cats, my cat is always getting into everything
and stays in trouble. His name is "Hellmonkey" and it describes him
perfectly! – Cheryl Garrett

Scarlet & Wheezy

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I have 2 cats( both of them black) and their names are Scarlet and Wheezy. Wheezy got her name because when I first brought her home(I rescued her from a park), she had a respiratory infection and wheezed a lot, hence the name, "Wheezy". As far as how Scarlet got her name, I was having trouble deciding what to name her, when Scarlet crossed my mind, and thought that would make an interesting name for a kitty. Melissa

Dallas Names

Cat names - I have 15 cats and most of them are named for the characters from the Dallas TV show - Miss Ellie, Jock, JR, SueEllen, Bobby, Vanessa, Morgan, Jordan, Callie, Dallas, etc. Someone said if I concentrated on the names of the girl friends of JR, I could go on for a long time. - Dottie


This is how I got my black cats name. I was on the floor looking at one of the other cats that I have and the new one decided to jump up on this cabinet that we have in our living room and when I looked up at home he was looking down and he looked like one of those little monkeys so I named him Simon. But now he is the king of the jungle! He has the look of the Lion also, so he's a monkey and a lion. The bridge of his nose is so wide like a lions I can't help to kiss it from time to time. He was a stray but he has come along way, and I love him dearly. - Renee


I have an 8 year old Russian Blue with quite a personality. As a kitten he was a holy terror at times. When I called my vet to make an appointment to have him neutered they, of course, asked the cat's name. I answered Astrophe, when the receptionist asked me to spell it I did adding that his first name is CAT. The poor girl dropped the phone she was laughing so hard. – Dennis Robbins


Pootinky. She came from a dairy barn and she stank so badly that the name just stuck. We happened to get Stinky Pootinky's grand-kitty as well and thought she should have a stinky name too. Doodie is her name, she's just a little terd!


My cat was named M.Y.O. because she was a therapy cat that worked at local nursing homes.

M for mine
Y for yours as I shared her with others
O for ours as she was loved by all.
Some of the residents couldn't remember my name just her name so I was
always "MYOS MOM"

Lori Zaremski


I have a cat whose name is - I kid you not - MeToo. His previous owner started calling him that because everything you do, he wants to do with you - eat, sleep, use the bathroom, read, anything. - Jeanie


Cat Names. We called our little adopted calico-tabby cross Heidi, because she is always hiding. Every time there's a knock at the door you can't find her for hours.

Stormy Weather

I have a very sweet, cute, fat calico girl. She came to us during a rainy day storm. Half of her face is black, the other tabby, she has a tear shaped dark spot on the black side of her her name is Stormy Weather. – Angie

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How Cat’s got Their Names - Cute Cat Name Stories

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