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How Cat’s got Their Names - Cute Cat Name Stories

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Simon Peter, Simone Bonee and Sydney Belle. Simon Peter is such a naughty but very sweet boy, that we had to give him a biblical name to see if it would help out his naughtiness. Sydney Belle is very beautiful, Simone Bonee is just like Simon Peter, but she has a long coat vs. a short coat, tuxy. Simone is the runt, and she was the smallest boniest of the 3 in that litter. Such is her name. - Angie


I got my beautiful calico when she was only 5 wks old because she had no mother. I stepped in the door and there she was, she just walked up to me and looked at me with an expression that said, "here I am, take me or leave me." The sun was shining on her and my first thought was that she looked like a beautiful soft Rainbow, so that had to be her name. I would have done better to have named her Hurricane or something like that. Rainbow is not mean, she borders on being psychotic. She has sent me to the emergency room three times from bite infections. Her name may not fit but she is the love of my life and I wouldn't trade her for all the lap cats in the world. - Carol Buiza

Tennessee Tuxedo

On funny cat black and white kitty is named "Tennessee Tuxedo," after the cartoon character from the 1960's. It's a name that divides the generations--people younger than 40 generally have never heard of the cartoon. The first time I took Tux to the vet, the 20-something tech said, "That's some name you have for your cat" (which really meant, "your cat really has a weird name!). However, the vet, who is in his late 40's, started singing the "Tennessee Tuxedo" theme song as he entered the room ("Come on and see see see Tennessee Tuxedo..."). Tuxie's name really brings back childhood memories of watching cartoons after school for a lot of people. - Maureen Frei


One of my favorite cats was my pewter gray shorthair. He was beautiful and very playful... He loved to hide in dark corners and pounce on you as you walked by... He got the name of 'Ninja' due to his ability to get us at every corner. He was a real memory-maker... and I miss him dearly! - Colleen


Now my cats that I have now are both edited from the orignal name that they came with when we adopted them from rescue shelters. The first is Boo which is actuallyshort for Peekaboo, which I reinvented as Ms. Boo as she just carries herself like that. You know the attitude.. " and that's MS BOO to you!!!" Jane Rue

Mr. Clancy Fancy Pants

Now we have the feisty 2 year old we adopted just a few months ago. His name is Clancy. However, due to his boisterous nature, he is now lovingly referred to as Mr. Clancy Fancy Pants. This cat has a problem with stealing anything that is on my nightstand. Due to the fact that I suffer from severe migraines I used to keep my "In case of Emergency" meds on my night stand along with a bottle of water, just in case my normal preventative meds failed me and I woke up feeling like my brains were shooting out of my ears. Well, That didn't last long, as Mr Clancy soon learned how much fun it was to knock the pill bottles around on the floor and listen to them rattle with joy. He then moved on to pencils, pens, tissues, bottle caps (if you open a bottle of water, soda, tea, anything to take a drink in this house, you Must hold the cover in our hand, or it will disappear right before your very eyes!!! Mr. Clancy Fancy Pants is
a very affectionate and loving cat however. As soon as you carwl into bed, he is right there next to you to snuggle.... Yeah RIght... he is right there for you to pet him. With
Ms Boo you can pet her and she will nod off to sleep, with MR Clancy, he will tap you on the arm to wake you up if you nod off to sleep. He does take very good care of his toys however. He on almost a daily basis gives at least one of his mouse toys (the plush ones with the bells and catnip inside) a bath in his water dish. Depending how dirty he feels they are, he will either leave them their to soak (and expect me to hang them to dry) or lay them out sporadically around the bedroom so you only find them when you step on a soggy stuffed mouse when you are half awake in the middle of the night. And, if you make so even much as a sound when you step on them, it wakes him up and it is time for feeding or the petting routine again. All in all I wouldn't give up my pets for anything. My 17-year-old one day looked at me as I was warming the cats moist food as they don't like it cold once its be refrigerated. He looks at me and says " Jeez mom, I think you love those cats more than you love me..." My response was.. Well, Patrick... most days, they bring me more joy than you do!!! But you wont be a teenager for ever so hopefully that will all change someday!!! - Jane


Rif Raf - especially if you have an expensive pedigreed cat who wants you go play with the stray RifRaf. – Bill Hopkins

Oepus or Eddie Puss

Oeipus or Eddie Puss he was still nursing his mom at age 2 years! – Peggy


My cat's name is Peekaboo. There are 2 reasons I named her Peekaboo. When she was a tiny kitten, she would hide behind things and peek out. I would poke at her and say "Peekaboo! I see you!" Sandy Duvall

Cirrus & Nimbus

I have 2 white cats that I found on the road-side when they were so tiny, they both fit in the palm of one hand. They were so dirty that I originally thought they were grey! I named them Cirrus and Nimbus after clouds, and they turned 15 this year. They have been 2 of the best companions I have ever had! Most of my critters have been named based on a combination of color and personality. I have a black and white long hair cat with a perfect black spot on each nostril which I named "Stray Boogers" because she was a stray that found me and she looks like she has boogers on her nose :) Another one of my cats is orange and has golden rings for eyes, so I named him Tolkien after the author of Lord of the Rings. - Bambi Ferree


One cat name that I came up with was "Brigis". About seven years, my cat "Precious" gave birth to her first liter. One of the Kittens was a breech baby, which I helped deliver @ 2:18 am. I knew that she would be outgoing and verbal. At the time, the only person who came to mind was Regis Philman. So I put Breech and Regis together and got 'Brigis'. - Theresa

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How Cat’s got Their Names - Cute Cat Name Stories

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