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How do I change my cat's food ?

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Our question this week was:

I want to change my cats food – is there a "best" way to do this?

David S. - Detroit, MI.


Hi David. Thanks for your email. Yes, there is a best way to change a pet's food. Slowly. That is the key. However, if the food was recalled – I'd just do it but ideally if you have two foods that are "good", do it slowly. Start by missing some new food in with the original food and over several days, gradually increase the percentages until you are feeing almost all new food then make the final switch.

For example, day one, you might have 90% original food, 10% new food. Day two, maybe it is 80% original, 20 % new food, Etc. it is ideal to do this over at least 3 to 4 days, even longer if you have the time.

A couple articles that you might find interesting on our is "Nutrition in Cats" and "Commonly Asked Questions about Cat Nutrition".

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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How do I change my cat's food ?

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