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How do you know you are a cat lover?

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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101.When you buy black forest chicken and ham at the deli for the cat. - Judie

102.You know you are a real cat lover when... You move over in bed to give the cat room to sleep. You know you are a real cat lover when... you get them breakfast before you make your own. You know you are a real cat lover when... You start calling a closet, spare bedroom, or other place The Cat's Room. You know you are a real cat lover when... You pick another chair to sit in because the cat is in your chair. - Ed

103.You know you are a real cat lover when... you brush your teeth standing over the bathtub because you don't want to disturb your cat who's sleeping in the sink. - Aimee

104.You know you are a cat lover when, despite your allergies, she sleeps on your pillow. Andrea Haynes - Andrea

105.Even though your arm is asleep, you won't turn over in bed because it might disturb the cat. - Karla

106.Do not touch the remote control on the T.V set when my cat snowy is watching a program or she would give you a dirty look like she is telling you to leave it a lone that is a real cat lover Neal - neal

107.You know you're a real cat lover when you will stay in one uncomfortable position so as not to disturb sleeping Lulu. - Carole Barker

108.when you see your cat limping and you reach down to see what is wrong and she licks your face to tell you that she loves you - Kat Seaver

109.Most of your jewelry, towels, mugs, shower curtains, comforters, aprons, and well, everything, has cats on it. You smuggle your cat into a movie and take her for a ride to see the Christmas lights. You take your cat to Christmas eve service, when there isn't an animal blessing. You write a column on cat care, but put it in her words and give her all the credit You drop friends who are allergic and complain about your house, car, even your clothes. You find yourself talking about your cats at the intermission of the opera instead of the last act. You can't sleep at night unless she is in the crook of your arm. You find yourself buying her pretty collars that she doesn't need.-
Peggy Ann Bliss

110.I took a cat in that was a stray so it wouldn't get eaten by coyotes and she has returned my good deed by not using the litter box. I pick up her feces everyday, thank goodness she is a little constipated. The floor is concrete and I spray a disenfectant on the spot , later I mop with clorox. I let her stay, I can't put her outin the cold again.        Barbara Colllins

111.You share your milk with your cat...out of the same glass. 2. You NEVER move your kitty even when you have no place to sleep on your own bed and, you don't even have any covers. 3. Do dye your hair to match your cat, so you can be more like her. 4. You try out the cat pole before you give it to your kitty to make sure it is safe.        Mady

112.When you patiently wait, while your cat stretches in front of the computer screen and then decides to sit and stare at you. Lynnda        

113.You are a real cat lover when you eat out one side of a take home container and your cat eats out of the half. Nancy

114.You push your husband all the way to the other side of the bed to make sure the cat enough stretch room on the bed. - Kelly

115.You know you love your cat when you make your husband move over in bed so your cat has a space to sleep!        Jackie

116.You sit on the kitchen floor and eat with them.        Pam

117.When your making something with tuna and not much gets in the recipe because the cat gets some first and by the way they already had their dinner.        Catherine

118.You get up at 5:00 am to give your cat breakfast and you don't even work.        Lora Fisher

119.You get up at 5:00 am to give your cat breakfast and you don't even work.        Lora Fisher

120.You know you are a real cat lover when the cat gets more grated cheese than the pizza.        Anne

121.You let your arm go numb to the point of a cramp just so that you don't awaken the bundle of fur that is napping there.        Patti

122.Morning Coffee is served AFTER the cats are feed.        Paula Martin

123.When you go to bed at night and hold on to your cat laying beside you instead of your husband        Karen

124.You Know You are a REAL Cat Lover When... You put the thermostat up higher than you know you should because your cat likes it that way. You buy too many cozy catbeds for your cat and decide you didn't need that new mattress anyway. You buy the highest premium food for your geriatric cat even when it means you will budget much more tightly for your own diet and you are so happy with your decision. You have started to offer your cat anything on your plate that he can safely have and you don't mind eating from the same plate. You can't resist buying new toys and stuff for your cat even before you buy stuff you thought you needed but changed your mind in favor of the cat's needs and it was well worth it. You arrange the furniture so that your geriatric cat can easily navigate rooms above the cold drafts at floor level even though you may have to walk sideways through some places in your home because weatherstripping the sliding glass windows didn't work.        Paula Ishak

125.when you eat the bread and they get the tuna        richard mammarello

126.A visitor sees the cat and says "here kitty, kitty, kitty.........instead of it's name        EagleSong. - Grant

127.You choose your friends based on their lack of allergies. consider cat hair to be a fashion accessory. can tell whose fur you have on. can tell your cats apart by the feel of their fur as you pet them. know who just jumped up on the bed when you're sleeping (and you have multiple cats).        Karen Thompson

128.You know you're a real cat owner when you leave your favorite bathrobe on the bathroom counter rather than hanging it up because the cat love to curl up on it and sleep ther.        Barbara

129.When you use your own hair brush to brush your cat's hair. When you let your cat eat out of your plate with you.        Sharon

130.You know you are a real cat lover when....The cat is sleeping on you lap and you ask someone else to make you a drink because you don't want to disturb the cat.        Leonie

131.You stop using a lint brush on your clothes & people say oh you have a cat. Yup!        cheryl princz

132.You have to put ketchup on a french fry or patches won't eat it.janise Medaglia

133.Your cat has his own bar table in the kitchen just for him.. You get up everytime your cat meows, even if you were sleeping... AND you know what each type of "meow" means        Heidi

134.You know your a real cat lover when you leave the T.V. on for your furry friends, for entertainment, when you leave the house for the day.....        Denise Meloche

135.You get up at 3 am to give your cat a snack because you can feel her staring at you through your closed eyelids.....        laurie

136.You greet your cat with a "head butt".        Jennifer Pierce

137.You can't get comfortable at night because you don't want to disturb your cat's rest.        Rachel Thiessen

138.When you find toy mice half way through the day in your bag at work.        Mary

139.You know you are a real cat lover when you allow cat to lick ice cream from same spoon you put back in your mouth!!!!        Sand

140.You think it's OK that your cat just chewed up you visiting foreign friend's passport, because all cats can do what they want to do as long as they won't be harmed in any way, shape or form...        Catnip

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How do you know you are a cat lover?

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