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How do you know you are a cat lover?

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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140.You think it's OK that your cat just chewed up you visiting foreign friend's passport, because all cats can do what they want to do as long as they won't be harmed in any way, shape or form...        Catnip

141.You let your cat eat out of your plate!        Sherry

142.I know I am a real, "Real" cat lover when I wrap my 2 year old female black and white Tuxedo cat like a baby,in a blanket or towel, and she purrs, and falls asleep on my lap! :) "Meeeoooww" Signed cat lover, Patricia Porter :)        Patricia Porter

143.You can't get to sleep at night without first being "kneaded" 2.You can even make friends with a feral cat.        Harry

144.You buy an electric blanket for your bed and your cat has her side put at 4pm so she doesnt feel the cold!        roxy and cuddles

145.When it takes you a long time to carefully roll over in bed. . . because your cat is sleeping on top of you.        Gavi Meye

146.You take your allergy meds just so you can snuggle and sleep with your cat in bed.        Michele

147.You put your book down because your cat wants your attention!        wendy stampaha

148.You know you are a Real Cat Lover when the hair, the throw-up {especially on something you've just purchased},the just left the litter box smell, the feed me vibes everytime you walk into the kitchen, the pain of losing one no matter how long they've been with you, the ever increasing vet cost, the cat in the lap everytime you sit in your lounge chair, and the anixousness of getting home to make sure they're OK doesn't bother you any longer.        Tommy Sipka

149.I know I'm a real cat lover because I stand in the street to stop traffic until my outside stray cats cross when I call them to eat.        Connie

150.You have a queen size bed but still don't sleep comfortably to make room for the cats.        Calleigh

151.You know you are a cat lover when , cat hair is considered a condiment in your house.        Doug H.

152.You let your cat crawl up and lie on your chest, even when you're sick in bed. ... you climb under the bed to retrieve your cat's favorite toys, since he won't. ... you spend more on Christmas presents for your cat, than for your husband.        Cheryl

153.A friend says you know, You can put the cats outside or I have to leave and the cats never go out....        Charlie

154.Your cat has had a UTI Infection and needs to eat wet food but will ONLY eat it out of your hand. Ugh, but doable to get her healthy. You can always wash your hands.        Wendy

155.You know you are a REAL cat lover when.... you have more pictures in your wallet of your cats then you do of your human family and you show them off to everyone!        Lillian Seward

156.You consistently introduce kitty #2 as "my middle child."        Jenny

157.You stay in the recliner to let your cat continue sleeping on your lap -- even when you need to eat or do anything else at all.        Marilyn winspear

158.You sleep on the edge of your queen size bed because "Fluffy" has stretched out across the rest of it, and you allow her to stay that way.        Kate

159.when you are starving but you feed your kitty first 2)when you are squished to one side of your Queen bed so as not to disturb your kitty's sleep        caren

160.My cat loves to play. I tied a little stuffed mouse to the end of a long heavy string and now I walk around the house with the string wrapped around the loop on my jeans. My cat is chasing the mouse on the other end. He loves it. I NEVER leave the string out at night - Charlie could get tangled in the string.        Liz

161.I have eight small dishes of dry catfood on the floor. Each dish has the vendor's name scotched taped to the bottom of the dish. By tomorrow, I'll know exactly what kind of dry food he likes when I find that dish empty! My fellow cat lovers and I shared small portions of our varied cat food for this test. My cat is very finiky!        Liz

162.You know you're a real cat lover when you are late because the cat was sleeping on your lap and you couldn't get out of the chair.        Hannah Lee

163.When you buy him food dishes matching your own dinner set ...when you don't use your bathtub because he likes to sleep there ...whenyou get up at 3am and play with him because you feel you neglected him a bit during the day        Ulrika

164.You are forced to take a nap on the sofa because your cat is on your bed and you don't want to disturb it!        Emma

165.When having a fuzzy cat butt in your face is actually endearing.        Camille

166.You give up on wearing black and other dark-colored clothing because keeping the cat hair from showing up on it is a lost cause.        Lou

167. 1.When he's sleeping, you cover him with a little blanket. 2. When he's on your kitchen chair, you get another chair to use. 3. You turn the basement light on so he can see to use his litter box.        Ruth

168.You know you are a real cat lover when you get the Animal Control Officer to leave the Stray Cats alone and to bring you food to help feed them. val Klish        val klish

169.You know you are a real cat lover when you get the Animal Control Officer to leave the Stray Cats alone and to bring you food to help feed them. val Klish        val klish

170.You know you're a cat lover when. . . you let Princess sleep under the covers between you and your true love.        Kati Short

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How do you know you are a cat lover?

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