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How do you know you are a cat lover?

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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171.your cat looks better as a dining room centre piece than the expensive one you bought!        Laurna're allergic to cats and you still keep them!        Allison

173.You know you are a REAL cat lover when you ask them a question . . . and WAIT FOR AN ANSWER!        C. Williams

174.You know you are a real cat lover when you pay an extra $150 to have your cat cremated separately, have her ashes and little bones put in an urn, and bring it back and bury it(minus urn)in the family plot, so that the whole family can be together.        Shirley Harshaw

175.You know you are a REAL Cat Lover When... you find the cat sleeping in YOUR Chair so you sit some where else.        Meezermom

176.You sleep in one position all night (and wake up in severe pain) so as not to disturb the cat who is sleeping on you.        Joann

177.You sleep clinging to the edge of the bed because the cats have taken the middle and you don't want to disturb them.        richard Kraus

178.You know you're a real cat lover when you share your ice-cream cone with Simmy or Tinky.....a lick for me , alick for kitty,a lick for me ,etc.,etc.,.You get the picture.        Lorraine

179.You know your'e a REAL Cat Lover When cat fur become a common condiment.        Patti Finc

180.You sleep on the couch because your kitty is on your side of the bed.        kay Atkinson

181.You pick up your senior kitty and place her on the bathroom sink, wait for her to finish, then put her back down; just so she can drink from the faucet.        Heather

182.You know you are a real cat lover when you put electric heating pads in every chair in your house, leave every blind in every window up 12 inches in daylight hours so your cats can look out the windows, put a bird feeder and bird bath outside a window for the cats' entertainment, install a cat door and a cat-fence-in system around your wooden backyard fence so your cats can go in and out of your backyard anytime day or night without being able to leave it (and have a litter box out there so they won't have to use dirt if nature calls), all the calendars in your home have cats on them, have three cat trees, two scratching posts and cat play tunnels for them to play on, have an aquarium with a lid on it with fish to entertain your cats, have those little round, flat cat beds on the floor by every window so your cats can lie in the sun if they so desire, have a special room in your house decorated and designated as the cat's room so that they can go in there if they would like, leave the tv on Animal Planet while you are away so the cats won't be bored and sleep with anywhere between 2 and 6 cats in your bed every night.        Sondra

183.You know you are a real cat lover when you can't get to sleep because you baby isn't in yor arms, and your loving husband gets up to go find her. Baby is yor 7 1/2 year old kitty and always sleeps with you.        Nancy

184.You sleep in a chair because the cats took yout bed.        Toni Acree

185.You know your a cat lover when,, you sit and let your cat give you "love bites" on your nose knowing its going to hurt.        Crystal

186.When your grandson's first words to you when you call are "How are the kitties", and your friends first words are "How many cats do you have now?" For Christmas, Birthday or Mother's Day your children give you gift cards to PetSmart.        Hill Country Cats

187.You know your a cat lover when you stay home to watch TV and play with them on a Saturday night. That's what I do.        Diane vane

188.You dream about your cats every night while away on vacation!        Catherine

189.You know you're a REAL cat lover when you let her take a sip of your milk in the cereal bowl and you continue to eat your cereal afterwards. Cat hair or no!        Gina

190.Then you let pumpkin lick your plate when you are done eating        Shelia

191.Your cat paws on the closet door at 2 am to wake you up because she is cold and wants to snuggle in the warm blankets with you. So, you get out of bed and pick her up and let her get her way, so that she is not cold. Not just one night, but EVERY NIGHT!!        Dawn

192.You know you are a real cat lover when you give up the computer chair because your cat wants to take her nap there. Ed & Arlys Schultz, Iron River, MI        Arlys M. Schultz

193.You kiss their dear soft paws when they are sleeping:)- Also, you know you are a cat lover when ...... you cut the rest of the tomato that "Bug" ate like an apple, and use the other half:)- Di - North Bay, Ontario - Canada        Di

194.It is 3 AM and you hear your cat having a hairball attack, so you get up to check on her and hold her even though you have to be at the airport at 6 to catch a flight out!!        Marilyn Brown

195.You know youi're a real cat lover when: You carry your "Buddy" to bed every night. Just like a baby.        Karen

196.You know you are a real cat lover when: People actually think that you have children named Little and Lenny Kravitz (my cat's names).        Lis

197.You know you are a REAL cat lover when you buy name brand cat food and generic people food. have little red scratches in a patch on your body, usually the same area over and over, because that is where your special furry friend likes to knead. know your arm is going to be asleep before the cat is done with her nap. But, you can't move it because it would disturb the critter. apologize to the cats when you move them to answer the door, the phone, the call of nature. ...fur balls no longer make you nauseous, you check them out to find out which kitty it was. talk to the cat(s) more often and in friendlier voice tone than your spouse. And they seem to understand, the cat that is, more completely. Still they won't take out the trash or clean the cat box. IDC West Frankfort, IL Mom to Molly, Mini, and White Boy        Iva dell clay

198.Fluffy sits on the table by your plate and shares your chicken.        Delores Jenning

199.Your cat's hair doesn't bother you when you cook.        Delores Jennings

200.My cat Gretchen lays on the bed and waits for me to give her two or three tissues, every bedtime.. then she sheds them up big time, jumping on them, and tearing them up with her claws and teeth this is a nightly ritual for us, she is 11 yrs olds... when she is done, she runs and jumps all over the house with a big burst of energu!        Sharon fritz

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How do you know you are a cat lover?

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