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How do you know you are a cat lover?

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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231.Build two sunrooms onto your house because two cats just can't get along but you don't want them to miss out on all the birdwatching. ...You place your birdfeeders where the cats can see them out the window, but you can't. ...You have a cat tree instead of a Christmas Tree.        Karen

232.You know you are a REAL cat lover when you would rather sit and talk baby talk and whisper in your cat's ear and know you have unconditional love instead of returning a friend's telephone call- Barbara        barbara nasta

233.You share ice cream on the same spoon.(just a thin layer cause kitty shouln't have ice cream). You wake up all contorted and in pain because you don't want to disturb all the kitties sleepng on you during the night, they need their beauty sleep. You have a pet hair roller in your purse ,car, or pocket and give them as stocking stuffers in our house. have signs in the bathroom to please put the toilet seat down for visitors. Tell people to sit at their own risk especially if they're in black. Or offer them a towel to sit on. You give treats from your mouth to your cats mouth. You have birthday parties for them. You can't wait to get home from work to see all your kitties run to you and say hello. >^..^<        Angela

234.Your kitty's petsitter spends the night with your "baby" when you have to be away so she won't be alone.        Cheryl A

235.You know you are a cat lover when you tell people to love me is to love your cat````        Angela Bunter

236.You sweat to death because your cat loves to lie by the fireplace all day and night!        Cathleen

237.You have to sleep on the couch cuz the cat has taken over the bed.        Roberta

238.You bunk out on the couch because your cats are all curled up and sound asleep on your bed in all corners and middle & you don't want to disturb them since they look so cute and are SOOOOOOo tired.        KathyB

239.Your myspace is entitled "My son, Fluffy".        Robin Wallace

240.You turn company away at the door because, "It's Beanie's nap time."        Tanya

241.You and your cats share the same glass of water!        Marciann

242.You let them sit on your shoulder while you watch TV.        antonia clark

243.You go to the store and walk out with twice as much cat stuff as human stuff        Lisa

244.Tell your guests not to eat candy from the candy dish because that belongs to Tracy.        VICKIE have a lint brush in your car, in your office,by the front door, in each bathroom...        Kathleen

246.You cut your vacation short because you miss kitty so much!        David Haines

247.You know you're a cat lover when you feel uneasy when you don't have to de-fur your clothing before going to work.        kate dubreuil


249.You know you are a true cat lover when your friends and family refer to your cats as "your children"        kate dubreuil

250.You know you're a true cat lover when you choose dinner foods for yourself that suit your cat's taste palet.        kate dubreuil

251.When you sit on the floor because your cat is sleeping in the chair and you do not want to wake him!        Hope know you're a real cat lover wnen you can hardly move in a queen size bed because you might disturb one of the four precious babies sleeping in your bed with you.        LUCYANN

253.The cat sleeps in my arms and the man sleeps on the other side of the bed.        Debra

254.Your cat has his/her own chair next to you at your computer. (Mine does!)        Jay

255.You agree to pay "cat alimony" in a divorce agreement plus pay for private cremation.        Marlene

256.You agree to pay "cat alimony" in a divorce agreement plus pay for private cremation.        Marlene

257.You need only a twin bed for yourself but you get a queen-sized bed to accommodate your fur family as well.        Barbara

258.You know you're a cat lover when you're eating off one half of the sandwich and kitty is eating off the other.        Arthur Hovey

259.You know you are a true cat lover are making time to look on websites like to look up great tips and info to continually try to make your kitty's life better. :)        Stephanie

260.Your grocery cart has more cat food and treats than food and treats for you.        Debra

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How do you know you are a cat lover?

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