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How do you know you are a cat lover?

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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261.You won't make the bed because your cat is still asleep on it. You won't vacumn the floor for fear of waking your cat.        Glynne

262.You buy a new chair and make sure it's a rocker/recliner, so the cats can't get a good grip for scratching!        Gretchen Uchello

263.You know your a real cat love when you allow kitty to drink coffee with you, right from your coffee cup!        Vickie Haney

264.You know you are a real CAT lover when you sleep somewhere else because you don't want to disturb them if they are sleeping on your bed!        Marcia Sullivan

265.You have a Queen size bed, but you sleep on the edge of the bed because your cat likes to stretch out in the middle of the bed.        Roberta Foster

266.You know you are a real cat lover when... when you bring your supper and first allow him to sniff the plate, to see if they want to sample it. And besides, after all these years, that's just the way it happens!        Susan Waytiuk

267.You know you are a real cat lover when you share your milk and cereal with your cat.        Twilightrose

268.When people ask you how many children you have, you include the ones with four legs.        Amy Gallo

269.You share your bowl of ice cream with 'Harley', and let him have the last bite.        Susan


271.Of course, when you call them "the kids".        Britt

272.if you pay out of your pocket to neuture straycats in hte lane and even pay for vaccinations, leukemia included, and walk lanes 3 hours in a row to find a special feral cat with a cold which has to have antibiotic and wait patiently for hte cat without gloves so it survives the cold and get better and keep doing that until the medicine is finished twice a day and take up al lthe feral cats to be neutured and vaccinated nad walk with old denimpants as every penny you wnt to spent on hte feral cats and housecats of people who can not afford it, so you skip hairdressers for hte love of cats that is called cat lovers        Carolina Butle

273.When you travel everywhere with your 22 pound Maine coon bowling ball.        Joan brownlie

274.You have less room in your bed than your cats. don't care if you leave home with plenty of cat hair on your cloth. are less comfortable if it means your cat is more comfortable.        Sandra

275.When your kitty sleeps on the softest pillow you have right beside your head and pillow and whistles in your ear all night long.        Beverly Klinge

276.When your kitty sleeps on the softest pillow you have right beside your head and pillow and whistles in your ear all night long.        Beverly Klinge

277.You won't brush your teeth because your cat in sleeping in the sink.        Angela

278.You know you're a cat lover when . . . You are offered a wonderful job in Bermuda but you won't take it unless your two cats can go too! Yup - that happened to me and alas, the three of us made a very happy move to Bermuda where they got to play with real toys - extremely large cockroaches!!! Debbie Brown, Toronto        Debbie Brown

279.Your cat has an upset stomach so you won't eat any of his favorite "people food" in front of him        Robin Herman

280.when your cats have more of your bed then you, and you settle yourself around them like i do        joan

281.Muffy gets more kisses than "he" does!        Lynne Marie

282.Instead of removing a sleeping cat from your computer chair you carefully move the chair and cat combination and get another chair for your self.        Berj Zamanian

283.You know you are a real cat lover when...You won't disturb the cat who is asleep in the laundry basket and use a plastic lawn bag.        Linda

284.My cats have 'free reign' of the house. . . to go, sleep and roam where they wish. If my kitties want to taste what I am eating, I let them, and then will eat after them! (but they usually prefer their food -- they get the best -- a combo of Iams and Science Diet) They will sometimes jump in the shower with me. Diane 'Momcat' Stewart -- proud owner of 10 kitties: 9 of which are rescues -- 5 boys, 5 girls -- all spayed/neutered        Diane

285.Your a cat lover when you share your cool whip with him on the same spoon before you are finished.... Shirley Hill, Grand Rapids, MI        Shirley Hill

286.You're allergic to cats, you take allergy shots religiously and one of your cats sleeps on your pillow every night!        Ann

287.You have a queen size bed and the cat has his own side and pillow.        Pam

288.When you leave the bathroom water dribble in case the cats run out of water.        Susan

289.Even though you are taking cortisone shots for a bad neck,you still vaccum over and over to remove cat dander when your allergic son comes home to visit.        Lisa Causby

290.When you install a pet gate to keep the cat out of your bed but are secretly pleased when the cat finds her way through and joins you in bed.        HLS

291.When you share your breakfast, luncn or dinner with Fluffy.        Lynne Ratliff

292.You don't buy any clothes that are black.        rebecca Robertson

293.You can't roll over at night because Fluffy has to sleep between your knees.        Cyndi Svehaug

294.You know you are a real cat lover when..... entering any bathroom in your home without a furry escort is simply unheard of.        Anita Aurit get a 4th cat (thinking that 1 more won't make you a "crazy cat person") and the cats start taking over the house!        Don Newman

296.You know when you are a cat lover when your cat's let you know when they can tell time to tell you that it's bedtime. and there are toys al over the place and there not yours        Adrianna

297.You know you are a cat lover when you have so many hairs on your clothes you don't need to wear a sweater when it's cold. You know you are a cat lover when you set a plate for the cat(s) at the table. You know you are a cat lover when you have so many cats in the bed they keep you warmer than an electric blanket.        Barbara

298.Your only son has 4 legs.        Emily

299.You can't fall asleep without at least one cat nestled up beside you.        Barbee

300.You make a Christmas wish list for friends and framily FOR YOUR CATS.        Barbee

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How do you know you are a cat lover?

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