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How do you know you are a cat lover?

By: PetPlace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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301.When you let your cat sleep in your face with her paw on your nose along with a few licks.        Louise McLaughlin

302.Your face lights up when you talk about your 4 legged children.        Barbee

303.You wear clothes and jewelry with cats on them.        Barbee

304.You can't go shopping without hitting the pet aisle, looking for a new toy for you 4 legged children.        Barbee

305.Friends and family always ask how the kitties are doing after they ask you how you are.        Barbee

306.Your screen saver on your office PC are dozens of pictures of your kitties.        Barbee

307.All day long at work you look forward to getting home to your kittens.        Barbee

308.You send a date home because the cats sleep on the 'other' side of the bed!        Catjane

309.Your cat gets to eat the large shrimp from the store before you do. Bonnie

310.You drive hours out of your way to leave them somewhere they are happy instead of having to put up with your mother's dog for the holiday.        Jewel Suphen

311.You buy him a 'Lullaby Sound Spa' and leave it softly playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for him whenever you go out for the evening... complete with cute little jungle cartoon projections rotating on the wall... And then cuddle up with him to watch/listen to it together after you get home, too! :-) - Amanda (Cambridge, England)        Amanda Katz

312.Your cat thinks he's your kid, not a cat, and you agree. Your cat's needs come before your own--she is fed first, despite the fact you are diabetic. Your bladder can be bursting, but the litter box gets cleaned before you get to go. Your cat stretches out and takes up your space in bed, and you obligingly squeeze into the corner of it.        Maxine K.

313.You sleep on the coach because your cats look too comfy to wak up, spread out on your bed.        Angelina

314.You share your pillow with kitty at bedtime.        Debora

315.You cancel your trip to stay home and care for your sick cat.        Bev

316.You don't mind letting him taste your meal before you do.        Debora

317.When you kiss your cat on the lips.        Betsy

318.You stay in one position all night long so as not to disturb the cat sleeping under your arm.        Bev

319.You eat from one side of the plate because Patches wants to share from the other side. You sit on the floor because Patches looks sooo cute in your favorite chair. You lock your keyboard and hold off on doing homework because Patches is laying sprawled over your mouse, your hand and the keyboard! You cannot read your favorite book because Patches is standing between it ad your line of sight, giving you headbutts...and you do not mind. You save the rings from containers of milk or water because Patches loves to play with them. You make up an excuse to your doctor when Patches pokes a hole in your CPAP machine hose. You wonder why your dresser drawer is filled with crinkly paper then you remember...Patches, playtime, midnight, need sleep...toss another in the drawer! You spend your grocery money to pay for the urn, because that wasn't just a cat, it was your best friend.        Jeanette Bloomfiel

320.You talk to your cat as if she were a real person, eventually even singing to her!        Ivy

321.You know you're a REAL cat lover when: You discover a stray cat living around your land so you build a home for it (with heat!) and DAILY feed it both food and water (in Chicago winters, this can be extreme!). And, my inside kitty deserves to eat off of Grandma's china in case she feels left out!        Mary

322.You open an individual trifle. Set it down on the counter, let youre kitties lick the cream off, then get a spoon and finish the trifle - or if youre not hungry put it in the fridge and finish it yourself later on.        Louise Shaw

323.You call in sick to work because your cat is sick you share your glass of milk with them you buy christmas presents for your cats you create a christmas card with your cats pictures you would remortgage your house to pay vet bills if your cats were sick donna g        Donna garland

324.You Know You are a REAL Cat Lover When...Your landlord pulls up in the driveway and you get busy looking for and shuffling cats to a room and close the door and HOPE they don't start fussing to get out until he is gone.        Karen

325.You don't sit in your favorite chair because your cat child is already sleeping there! and/or you postpone getting on your computer because your cat child is asleep in your computer chair! I spoil my cat children all the time.        Rem

326.You know you are a real cat lover when you give you cat bottled water instead of tap water to drink.        Susan

327.You know you're a real cat lover when you tell your spouse to move over to make space for the cat.        Penny Wunder

328.When you let your cat drink from a faucet        Gary Phillips

329.When you let your cat drink from a faucet        Gary Phillips

330.When your husband sits on the floor-because he doesn't want to disturb the cats sleeping in his chair. We are a cat Rescue, with 37 cats here-7 in the we do what the cats want.        Susan Jando

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How do you know you are a cat lover?

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