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Hypercalcemia in Cats

By: PetPlace Veterinarians

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Several serious medical conditions can result in hypercalcemia. It is important to identify the underlying cause of hypercalcemia in your cat so that effective treatment can be instituted. Disorders that can cause hypercalcemia include:

  • Lymphosarcoma, a type of cancer

  • Chronic kidney failure sometimes caused by hereditary kidney disease

  • Primary hyperparathyroidism, which is overactivity of the parathyroid gland usually due to a benign tumor called an adenoma

  • Hypoadrenocorticism, also known as Addison's disease, which is a hormonal disorder caused by insufficient production of steroid hormones by the adrenal glands

  • Apocrine gland adenocarcinoma of anal sac, or a cancer of the glands of the anal sacs

  • Vitamin D intoxication caused by consumption of vitamin D-containing rat poison

  • Vitamin D intoxication caused by consumption of vitamin D-containing plants such as day-blooming Jessamine (Cestrum diurnum)

  • Vitamin D intoxication caused by consumption of topical ointments containing calcipotriene used to treat psoriasis in people

  • Multiple myeloma, which is a cancer of antibody-producing cells called plasma cells

  • Other cancers including squamous cell carcinoma, thyroid adenosarcoma, nasal adenocarcinoma, mammary gland adenocarcinoma, and others

  • Acute kidney failure

  • Granulomatous diseases, which refer to a specific type of inflammation, such as blastomycosis (fungal infection). In these diseases, inflammatory cells (called macrophages) are thought to produce vitamin D-like chemicals

  • Osteomyelitis, bacterial infection of bone

  • Overactivity of the parathyroid glands due to nutritional disturbances

  • Dehydration with increased blood concentrations of albumin, a major protein of the blood

  • Hypercalcemia can occur normally in young growing cats

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    Hypercalcemia in Cats

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