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Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Kitten?

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Kitten?

Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Kitten? How do you know?

Consider this scenario which is also a cat owner's worst nightmare: You finally get the kitten of your dreams and he gets sick and you're faced with the agonizing choice of facing huge veterinary bills you can't afford or putting your cat to sleep. Veterinarians see this happen frequently.

Fortunately, more pet owners are learning that reasonably priced pet health insurance is readily available in the United States and is a great option for new kittens. This is especially good news since so many treatments that were once confined just to humans are now readily available to pets.

Kittens commonly can get into toxins, eat things that they shouldn't, or contact infectious diseases. Trauma is also common in kittens that are more likely to be curious and get into "things". They also need vaccines and spaying and neutering to stay healthy. Treatment and preventative vaccines can be expensive and pet owners need to be prepared for such expenses and emergencies. Pet insurance can help you pay for emergency care and other unexpected health care expenses as well as pay for preventive health care such as vaccines and neutering.

Key Pet Insurance Issues to Consider

  • The age of your pet. Pet insurance premium costs are lower for kittens. Premium costs rise as pets grow older and enter the years when they are more likely to suffer serious illness or injury.

  • Consider pet insurance levels of coverage. Pet health insurers offer basic several types of pet insurance policies and upgrades. Many companies offer a variety of deductibles and different coverage options to offer a variety of policies that are right for you and that will fit in to your budget.

  • What's covered in the pet insurance policy?. Basic policies generally cover treatment for accidents, injuries and illnesses. Beyond that, there are variations. For example, coverage for basic medical care, vaccinations & wellness care. Some policies will include spaying and neutering along with dental and other routine care treatments, which is perfect for new puppies.

    Pet insurance premiums vary with age, species, plan selected, and state of residence.

    In summary - is pet insurance right for your kitten? If you can't afford an unexpected big expense if your kitten were to get sick or injured - then please consider pet insurance. It can help you do the best for your kitten in the case of an emergency.

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    Is Pet Insurance Right for Your Kitten?

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