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Kismet – Poster Child for Pet Insurance

By: Petplace Staff

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If Only Animals Could Talk

If only animals could talk to us, tell us their history and what they've been through.

Almost everyone that rescues a cat from a shelter wonders what their lives were like before they came to live with us. Sometimes there is important information about their health that we wish we could have known to help them right away. However, this isn't how the world works. So it's good to have health insurance.

I just read a story from a woman that rescued a cat that surely had a tough life before she came to live in a good home. She couldn't have found a better forever home, but her new human companions found out the hard way how helpful pet insurance can be.

Carol Neill in Overland Park, Kansas writes about Kismet and beautiful and distinctly colored cat. Kismet is a tortoise shell, but in the shelter she was noted as a "dilute calico." She is truly a beautiful cat, but a cat with a history.

Carol adopted her and right away noticed behavior that was indicative of an abusive home. Kismet would nip sometimes if you tried to pet her or brushed against her while walking past her. She fought if startled, but often approached for a cuddle on her own terms.

She grew to be a wonderful member of the household. She was outgoing, friendly, healthy and full of energy. Then three years later something happened. Carol discovered her cowering in the corner of the kitchen. When Carol got Kismet to move, she found a pool of blood. It seemed that one of the other cats had attacked her. The other cat had a broken tooth and had probably lashed out. A trip to the vet and she was better, but a year after another trip to the vet was in order. Kismet had a ruptured diaphragm, collapsing lung and her liver was migrating into the lung cavity. It took a $3,000 surgery to get her right as rain, but it was worth it. The expense though had Carol thinking about health insurance.

Now all five of Carol's cats have pet insurance. When Kismet contracted a urinary disease and a spinal problem, insurance reimbursed the tests and medications. The medications that she will remain on for the rest of her life total $76 per month and insurance covers this as well. Carol is glad she got insurance. Maybe you should consider it as well.

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Kismet – Poster Child for Pet Insurance

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