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Laceration in Cats

By: Dr. David Diamond

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Common causes of lacerations include bite wounds, running into sharp objects, or being hit by an automobile. Trauma that causes a laceration may also cause more life-threatening injuries that need to be evaluated, such as shock, bleeding and fractures.

Lacerations are just one type of wound or tissue injury that can occur in pets that have suffered trauma. The severity of lacerations can vary from small, single lesions to multiple or highly complicated lesions. The location of injuries can impact the wound management.

The following situations require special management:

  • Degloving wounds. Loss of large areas of skin, usually from extremities

  • Shearing injuries. Loss of large areas of skin and underlying soft tissues and bone caused by abrasion of body along a rough surface, usually the road

  • Traumatic fractures. Broken bones often occur with the severe trauma that causes lacerations.

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    Laceration in Cats

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