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Letters to Santa: What Kitties Want for Christmas

By: Petplace Staff

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A week or so ago...I asked you for your cat's letters to Santa. I got several wonderful letters that I'd like to share with you.

Bernie & Casino's Christmas List

Dear Santa Cat,

We have been very good this year (not!) We have dutifully knocked things off tables and kitchen cabinets on a regular basis. We have accidentally gotten ourselves locked in closets and we have knocked every toy imaginable under the refrigerator and living room furniture.

We only shredded Mom's shower curtains until she figured out that the shower curtain liner has to be clear so we can see what's going on in there at all times! We remain finnicky about our food choices. We will only eat Hills T/D for our treats...that store bought stuff just doesn't do it for us. We would like you to leave in our stockings a new supply of fur mice (they have to rattle), some tinsel balls and a new supply of loose catnip (we know where Mommy keeps it in the cabinet)Overall, we will have lot's of fun with the wrapping paper and tissue paper on Christmas morning. If one of the relatives sends gifts packed in those styrofoam peanuts, we will be sure to jump in the box and roll in them and then run through the house spreading them all over. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Hugs and Kisses,

Bernie(tuxedo cat) & Casino (Applehead siamese)
Marie Ganz Hillsborough, New Jersey

Tell mama I want more of her time

Dear Santa,

My Mama means well, she volunteers for cat rescue groups and I guess she's helped save over a hundred kitties, but WHY do they all have to come visit MY house? I like it best when I am the one and only cat, when I do not have to compete for a place on Papa's lap, or share my food plate with uncivilized distant relatives with no manners. Oh, sure, I was once one of the uncouth, but now that I am a refined, regal Queen, it would be nice not to have to be reminded of my past. Can you please tell Mama I want undivided attention for Christmas? Thank you.


Karen Ish. Currituck NC

Spooky's Christmas list

Dear Santa,

Spooky, my black cat doesn't ask for much for Christmas because I spoil her year round. She likes cat treats, Greenies are her currant favorite, and a few toys. She does have a stocking which I fill with lots of things for her and she likes to help open my presents, so I wrap a few things for her as well. This year, although she is an indoor cat I'm getting her pet insurance. What a great idea! Thanks Dr. Debra!

Judi Taylor – TN

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Letters to Santa: What Kitties Want for Christmas

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