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Doc, My Cat Lives Indoors…Why Does He Hunt?

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Has your cat ever brought you a "gift" before? You know what I mean...those poor little mice, bugs, and birds (or more) that your cat has managed to catch and bring home for you. It's common with outdoor cats, but even my indoor cats have brought me gifts now and again.

I mean, the cat obviously knows they don't have to hunt to get food...why would they keep bringing back dead things? Yuck!

The answer is that you just can't take the hunting instinct out of a cat. There are lots of theories as to why exactly your cat might bring you these "gifts": they are attempting to train you to hunt as well, they are trying to impress you, or even to show their affection. Whatever the exact reason, just know that your cat's behavior is completely normal-and believe it or not, it should be encouraged as a way to foster good mental health.

Some people let their cats hunt outdoors because they want them to be happy but this can easily put your cat in the way of danger. Instead, bring the fun inside - and let your cat go wild! Those of us with indoor cats are always looking for ways to enhance their environment to make them happy as indoor kitties. Adding toys which replicate the hunting experience is a great way to help your cat exercise this hunting instinct in a safe way.

Some toys are typically very good for this including catnip mice and toys with feathers. But the very best toys are ones that "play back" and let your cat experience more interactive fun.
One toy that I simply love is called the Play-n-Squeak Batting Practice. At first glance it looks just like a plush mouse on a string, but it's so much more than that!

Hidden inside the soft plush is a noisemaker that replicates all the squeaks and chirps that a real mouse would make. Every time your cat touches the Play-n-Squeak Batting Practice, the little mouse responds with a flurry of noises that cats can't resist. Better yet, the toy mounts on any door and entices your cat to engage in all the leaping, pouncing, and stalking that makes the real hunt so satisfying. This is a toy that plays back!

As the toy swings back and forth while your cat leaps and bats, they'll be having the time of their life. The toy called Batting Practice is very simple. Just attach the harness to the edge of any door; it's completely damage-free and adjustable. Attach the dangling holder and adjust the height to your cat's preferences. That's all you need to do!

Grab a couple of your cat's favorite treats, show them their new toy, and give the Batting Practice a tap. Once they discover all the excitement within their paw's reach, you won't be able to keep them away from it.

Cats instinctively want to pounce, run, and play. Batting Practice is the toy that plays back and it's really great. The ultra-realistic mouse comes from my favorite line of plush kitty toys, Play-n-Squeak.

If your cat is a "mouser" or even just has energy to burn, this toy is just plain fun!
I really like this toy. I hope your cat loves it as I do!

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Doc, My Cat Lives Indoors…Why Does He Hunt?

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