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My kitten is picking on my older cat – what do I do?

By: Dr. Debra Primovic

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Our question this week was:

I have had cats and dogs all my life and that's long (70 Yrs.) I have just tried to handle each situation as it occurred. My daughter who has 12 inside cats directed me to your site. She often called on me to help with a cat. We both now have learned so much about caring for them through you. You keep them brief and to the point and that is so helpful.

I have many other pets that I care for mostly farm animals although I also have parrots. Thanks again for all your helpful info in terms we can understand. I have a new kitty, orange in color who is 4 months old. I have one that looks like him that is about 15 yrs. old. He lived outside for about 5 yrs. and inside with me for 10 yrs. The kitten will not leave him alone. He jumps all over him and I have to lock him up. Do you think once he is 6 mos. old and I have him neutered that he will leave the older cat alone? He is not as annoying to my other 3 cats as he is with the one that looks like him also male. Any info you may have?

Thank you.

Lois Peters, Spring Hill, Fl.


Hi – thanks for your email. You should like a real animal lover Lois! I'm so glad you enjoy our site. Kitten will be kittens. They can be quite stressful at times to older animals that are set in their ways and not as playful. I think that you can do a few things. First, neutering may help but mostly he just needs to be a kitten and mature. You don't have to wait until 6 months to neuter him.

Options that may help is...make sure your kitten has PLENTY of toys and play time. Wear him out! Play with him so he is not bothering your 15-year-old cat. That is such a fun age that almost anything in the environment can be a toy. Try a laser pointer on the walls and floor. That is something you can do while watching T.V or relaxing. A feather flyer is also a real favorite for kittens.
An article that might be helpful to you is How to Get Your Cats to Be Best Friends.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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My kitten is picking on my older cat – what do I do?

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