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My Rock Star Cat

By: Petplace Staff

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Just the other day I ran into Brad Pitt. I was coming out of this very trendy boutique and he and some of buddies were getting out of a jeep. A jeep? I was standing about 25 feet away and I could have sworn that it was Brad Pitt. Oh!! And so did about 20 swarming and screaming on-lookers. There is that old saying that everyone has a "look-alike." Which brings me to how many of us think our pets look like someone famous? My husband named our Maine Coon cat Lyle after the singer Lyle Lovett, not because we really dug the name, but because our new kitty's fluffy hair on the top of his head reminded us of the human Lyle's crazy hairstyles.

Now, I want to introduce you to Iris and Ivan, a very interesting and unique couple.

"How many people can say that they know someone who looks like a rock star?

My cat's name is Ivan, white with solid black patches, medium sized and three years old.

Why he is such a rock star? Well, first his expression is borderline solemn to pissed-off and he resembles the "hairstyle and coloring" of Rock star Supernova's vocalist, Lukas Rossi.

Its' really cool when Ivan actually lies down in front of the radio every time a rock song is playing (especially My Chemical Romance and Smashing Pumpkins, he actually faces the speakers). Aside from that, Ivan is also very smart, he opens doors, opens faucets, open covers, steals food...and just like a bad-butt rock star if you piss him off he WILL piss on that t-shirt, pair of shoes, underwear...

In fact the movie "Batman" with cat woman getting bitten by cats in the snow to wake her up and save her life is REAL. Only my cat wakes me up when he's hungry and which seems to happen when I'm sound asleep. If his meows and grooming prove futile, he'll bite my leg first, then my knees, then bite my neck and if I just refuse to wake up Ivan will then bite my head. Yes, my head, which includes the scalp and hair, thankfully not the skull. Not to panic-there is no blood loss; these bites are actually little "Love Nibbles."

The little man has a lot of fire indeed. However, he is also extremely loyal and sweet although he refuses to show affection in public (to other cats or people) he has a reputation after all, but when were alone he nuzzles, purrs, gives and wants kisses... best of all he only seems to love ME.

Like rock stars, despite the tough exterior lies the sensitivity, Ivan knows when I need someone, when I'm depressed or sobbing away in a corner, he comes up to me all meows and nuzzles and purrs and lies down beside me. There's no other cat out there for me, in fact right now, were both head banging to SP music. Iris - Manila, Philippines "

How many of truly believe that in this crazy world there is indeed the right soul partner for each and every one of us. Iris has Ivan. Who is your soul partner?

We would love to read your stories-so please share them with us.

And, remember, if you are feel that your life could stand for a little companionship or if you really have the urge to meet your true soul partner, then check out your local animal shelter for true unconditional love.

Until next time...

Petplace Staff

Oh!!! PSS. Remember, I mentioned our kitty Lyle, truth be told, when we play one of Lyle Lovett's CD's our kitty Lyle joins right in meowing "singing" for all to hear and enjoy.

Do you have a cat that has changed your life? Write us and let us know!

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My Rock Star Cat

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