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Poll Results – Who Phones Their Cats?

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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We at PetPlace did a fun poll asking cat lovers this question:
When you are away, do you ever call your answering machine so your dog can hear your voice?

Here are the results:

When you are away, do you ever call your answering machine so your cat can hear your voice?

Yes, Occasionally        37%
No, never        35%
Yes, all the time        28%

So...65% of you cat lovers call their cats! That is very cool!

Here are some comments:

  • Leandra wrote, "I would never do that. What if he heard me and had no concept of me on the other end of the phone? I would think that IF the cat was curious or anxious about WHERE was his beloved caretaker/friend/mother/companion ~ it would surely make it worse. if the cat DID realize it was actually you it would be horrified that you turned into a telephone for god's sake. Do you know how smart a cat actually is? But not THAT smart. ON THE FLIP SIDE: I did go to the cat hospital twice (4 day stay) so that if he did think that far, he would know I hadn't abandoned him. It's worse than a little kid."

  • Marina wrote, "I used to call whoever was looking after my cat (usually my mom or sister) while I was on vacation and get them to put the phone to my cat's ear so he could hear my voice on the other end of the line. Usually this would get a reaction from him. In a twist, last year I phoned my own voice messaging service with my cat by my side and I had HIM leave an extended voice mail for ME. He was a very chatty, purry guy so he left a great message! I am so happy I recorded his sweet voice and saved the message, as he passed away recently and I now have this treasured voice mail. I play it occasionally when I'm really missing him and it's almost like he's momentarily here again."
  • Mary Ellen Casey wrote, "Back in 2003 to 2006 I had gone through some medical issues. It required my staying in the local hospital to a nursing/rehab facility. My cat Jake was at home alone. So I would call and leave a message on the answering machine to tell him that I missed and loved him. My friend Karen and my neighbor Rachel would play the machine so that he would hear my voice. I did that until Karen had to take Jake to the Vet's so that they could take care of him while I was still in the rehab facility. We finally both came home at the end of May 2006. So thats my story."
  • "Windy Blue wrote, "I would never call my cat, on the phone. But it made me laugh, I know someone who calls there dog up. And leaves messages, and even talks to the dog on the phone, when the husband who is home answers it, and puts the phone up to the dogs ear."
  • Wendy wrote, "I voted 'Yes Always', but what I actually do, since I don't have an answering machine, is call my daughter who is usually at home when I'm gone, and I have her put the phone up to his ear and then I talk to him. I do this even during the day when I'm at work sometimes."
  • Chris wrote, "I did call my answering machine once or twice so my cat could "hear my voice", but I started to worry that this is might actually be cruel. She gets by without me on the occasional one or two nights gone, and I think the sound of my voice when I'm not actually there is more confusing to her than helpful or necessary. I am against this."        

  • Elizabeth wrote, "I don't call, I also think it would cause undue confusion and anxiety. We've only left once long enough to require a sitter and we ended our vacation early to get back home to our cats. Overnight vacations are our norm and since we both work nights anyway."
  • Connie wrote, "Goldie will not eat when I am gone. I tried calling but it did not help. He now travels with me."        

  • Lillian Knight wrote, "I don't go anywhere over night cuz I don't have anyone to take care of all my 18 kitties and especially the way I or them like it. When we had only 3 then they went with us as they loved to travel."        
  • Sharon Anderson wrote, "I Have to ditto Pennie. Our cat, Topsy, gets extreme separation anxiety if we're going to be gone overnight. We go, he goes."
  • Pennie wrote, "I had to vote never call and leave a message because we have a motorhome and they almost always go with us along with our dog. Tigger and Lucky like to climb up and down the ladder to the top bunk."

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    Poll Results – Who Phones Their Cats?

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