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Questions that Haunt Cats

By: Petplace Staff

Read By: Pet Lovers
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Have you ever thought about how cats think? This is a fun article of things we believe may "haunt" cats.

  • Why do people always seem so busy?
  • Where does cat food come from?
  • Where do hairballs come from?
  • Why does cat nip make me roll around like a nut?
  • Why isn't my litter box bigger?
  • Why do they vacuum – I'll just get more hair on stuff! What is the deal with the scary vacuum thing?
  • Why do cat toys come in lots of colors and I don't see color that well?
  • Why don't people lick their bottoms like I do?
  • Why do people voluntarily bath and wash their hair so frequently?
  • Why can I lie on the counter or table all day then when they come home from want me off?
  • Why can't I claw the couch?
  • Why don't these greet me by smelling my bottom like other cats?
  • What is the deal with human kisses? Why don't they lick me?

  • Why do they freak out when I bring a mouse in the house?
  • Where does the sun come from and why does it move around?
  • Why don't people have a litter box instead of wasting all that water?
  • Why don't people just lick themselves clean? What is the big deal with bathing?
  • Where did that flying red dot go and why can't I catch it?
  • What is the deal with that hairless cat? Someone make it put its fur back on! How embarrassing...
  • Why won't my human mommy let me chew on those delicious-looking cords behind the couch? I mean, it's not as if I'm going to hurt myself or anything! E-e-e-e-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w!
  • What is it with the perfumed soap that my human mommy uses? I take my bath with spit, yes, spit, and I never stink!

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Questions that Haunt Cats

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